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Hillary Should Hop Aboard That Yellow Submarine With Legalization

Hillary has a problem with millennials. We hear that all day long. One Quinnipiac poll in September found 44% of voters under 35 were going for a third party. Gary Johnson was snatching almost a third of that enormous demographic. Before Republicans break out the bubbly on that one, please keep in mind that Gary Johnson is a lot more conservative than The Donald. Besides social issues, Gary Johnson is VERY conservative. It is questionable… Keep Reading

Trump’s Lack of Endorsements is Very Indicative

With less than two months before elections, Trump has yet to receive a single major newspaper endorsement. That is sort of a huge thing. Never before in U.S. political history has a candidate failed to attract at least one major newspaper endorsement this deep into the election cycle. Usually major newspapers of a region that are democratic for example, say New York City, are obligated to represent their audience, so they will endorse the Democratic… Keep Reading

Bernie Supporters, Gary Johnson Wants Your Vote

  I know there are a lot of Bernie supporters who refuse to acknowledge the end. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson wants all Bernie supporters to flock over to his camp. Not yet, G-man. Bernie hasn’t “officially” ended his campaign, so the “bern” keeps sizzling. As of now, Bernie is sort of like that old guy in the park, endlessly tossing handfuls of seeds to the birds. Bernie Sanders has said that his single goal is… Keep Reading

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