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George Bush Jr.

Let’s Persecute Trump’s Family Including Melania the Porn Actress, Ivanka the Ugly Duckling, Jared the Russian Spy and Eric the Dimwit as Viciously as they did Obama and Bill’s Family

During every democratic president of my lifetime, republicans always attack the president’s family. Now that Donald Trump is in office, a very painful reality is beginning to settle in. The irony in this republican rabid rage is how cool they are with Trump and his family doing the exact same things they smeared the democratic president’s family for doing. Trump is actually much worse than any of their delirious accusations. Trump is violating several clauses… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Fiddles, While the Republican Party Burns

When Donald Trump first came on the scene, I thought he was hilarious. The humor in his campaign was that he was so terrible, yet he had enormous support, sort of like Benny Hill. If you have ever seen the show, you watch it and think to yourself, who likes this stuff? Yet it is so popular. He was the first presidential candidate to actually gain support by disparaging enormous chunks of our population. Women,… Keep Reading

What the Anthrax Intern Could Tell us About War

Trump seems to be thirsting for war. Trump is stirring a lot of trouble in the world, before he even steps into the White House. He has made stupid threats to China, the UK, Germany, Iran, North Korea and Mexico. If we do go to war, some people would make a lot of money. Do you think Trump would like that? Republicans do not like war. They just like the money in that war machine.… Keep Reading

If ‘Whitelash’ got Trump Elected, then a ‘Blacklash’ got Obama Elected

As the world watched election night in disbelief, CNN’s Van Jones summed up the evening with one word. “This was a whitelash. This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black president, in part.” ‘Whitelash’ in this election, implies that a lot of people voted not so much for the best candidate, but rather out of scorn for the huge strides of progress we made under Obama. Kind of… Keep Reading

Who Killed the Republican Party?

Donald Trump would not have been elected nominee if the Republican Party was in good shape. To this day, after a lengthy campaign, ask the typical Trumpkin why they are voting for him, and they will proudly declare “He isn’t a politician.” Donald Trump doesn’t even have any platforms. He is a reality TV star, who repeatedly shows his lack of knowledge. His number one selling point is that he isn’t a politician. What does… Keep Reading

What was Your Reaction When Junior ‘Lost’ 5 Million Emails

As the FBI read their decision yesterday, clearing Hillary of any criminal wrongdoing in her email scandal, Bernie and Donald Trump supporters listened in shock. They were so convinced that Hillary would be led away in handcuffs. Instead, Hillary was being cleared. In fact, most of these Trump and Bernie supporters had been listening to Hillary’s wrongdoing on Fox News for at least the past year. So to be faced with a reality that wasn’t… Keep Reading

Why Didn’t Anyone Care When Junior Refused to Link Terrorism with a Religion?

Every republican in the country is ranting about President Obama’s refusal to connect the deplorable acts of terrorism that occur in our country with ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslims’. The Islamic State, ISIL, is a group of radical extremists terrorizing the Middle East. President Obama commented that “ISIL is not ‘Islamic’, but a ‘terrorist organization, pure and simple.”  After another attack on our shores, by someone who pledged allegiance to ISIS, this argument is yet again, front… Keep Reading

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