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Guns + Mental Disorder = Tragedy

Great news for all Americans with mental disorders that think it is unfair that they can’t own a gun. Last week, Republican-led Senate voted to block Obama’s bill that prevented people with mental disorders from owning guns. Next, the measure will go to President Trump’s desk, where he is expected to sign it. As a result of Adam Lanza’s rampage, Obama created this law that would prevent people with mental disorders from owning guns. Actually,… Keep Reading

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Who Killed the Victims of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting?

In 1964, Bob Dylan performed a folk song called “Who Killed Davey Moore”. The song is only featured in bootleg recordings, never on an album. The song is about Davey Moore, a boxer from 1953 to 1963. At 5 feet 2, he was known as “The Little Giant”. He won the World Featherweight Title from Hogan Bassey and kept it for four years, until Cuban Sugar Ramos knocked him down. After being interviewed, he complained of headaches,… Keep Reading

Trump, Clinton or Sanders – Who Shares Your Views on the Gun Issue

It seems these gun shootings occur at least once a week. Of course I am horrified whenever I learn of a new shooting, but my soul has become hardened to such atrocities. I am ashamed to admit such a thing. They are so common in our society, that no one could disagree that the same senseless shooting in the nineteen fifties or even sixties, before the NRA took hold of our government, would be much… Keep Reading

Message From Anthrax Intern about Gun Control

I was the Anthrax Intern a few years ago. I was on the Larry King Show plus I was interviewed on The Today Show. I was kind of a big deal at the time. ______________________________________________    When the Sandy Hook massacre occurred, I was confident that our Republican government would do something about gun control. If anything, such a move would immortalize those 20 six year old angels. I thought maybe, our shameful Republican politicians… Keep Reading

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