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China is Laughing at Trump’s ‘America First’ Ideas, as it Sweeps into Mexico

Trump’s “patriotic” campaign vision is already hurting America and also boosting China. According to a number of American trade deals, before Trump, cheap goods pour into North America from Mexico. Not anymore. Now, China has filled the void in Mexico that Trump’s threats have left. Trump was elected president as a result of his bombastic threats. His voters lavishly embraced Trump’s promises that America will only buy American, if he is elected. I have written… Keep Reading

A Review of an Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies of the Campaign

Lies. This article concludes my series analyzing Trump’s biggest campaign lies. Keep in mind that these lies allowed him to convince his uneducated voters to vote for him. The lies that Trump fed his supporters, convinced them that he was some sort of messiah. During the campaign, they lined up for days, in the pouring rain, just to attend his rallies. Like every great manipulator, Trump offered his supporters hope. Within just one month of him… Keep Reading

An Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies of the Campaign – Banning of Islam AKA the “Travel Ban”

No Trump lie is more dangerous and disgusting than how he turned huge portions of our population against those who believe in Islam. Like that jerk in the middle school cafeteria, instigating fights and then watching them from a safe distance. During the campaign, Trump riled his supporters by promising, if elected, to prevent Islamic people from entering our country. Trump’s logic was that this category of people are terrorists. To jam packed audiences, Trump… Keep Reading

Tit for Tat – Europe Plans to Impose Visa Restrictions on Americans Trying to Get to Europe

As a result of Trump’s travel ban, Europe has decided to implement its own visa restriction. European lawmakers is boldly telling the world, that unless the Trump administration lifts visa restrictions on European countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania, it will be equally difficult for Americans to travel to any European country. “You’re talking about citizens from countries, like Poland, with a major diaspora” in the United States, Claude Moraes, the British lawmaker who… Keep Reading

Trump’s Nationalistic Future of America, the World and his Bank Account

Donald Trump became president by exclusively touting a nationalistic agenda. America would no longer be Mr. Nice Guy on the world scene. He felt that those security treaties we signed with Japan and Germany after the Second World War, should no longer be valid. Why should we pay for their military? On Trump’s first day in office, he got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), or as he called it, “the worst deal….EVER”. To… Keep Reading

Republicans Enact Legislation to Shield Themselves From Future Investgations

Trump’s administration may seem completely unprepared for the task of leading our country and our world. However, they are very careful to protect themselves in case the robbery they are committing today is investigated tomorrow. As the republicans hide behind their shield, America is going up in flames. The first few weeks of his administration have been an unrelenting chain of grade-school mistakes. His white house secretary, literally, called her flattering lies “alternative facts”. Our president… Keep Reading

Trump’s Campaign Promises are Gonna Cost A Lot of Cash!

How much will all those spectacular campaign promises cost? Few can argue that Trump is our president as a result of the bold promises he made during the campaign trail. All he had to do was mention the words “I’m gonna kick all of them out”, and the stadiums would explode with applause. Trump promised his supporters that he was going to remove all of the illegals from our country. Now, that we have returned… Keep Reading

Now that Trump Got all of Those Silly Campaign Promises Out of the Way, He Could Focus on the Important Stuff

People who don’t read Breitbart and dress up in white hoods and carry burning crosses, would agree that the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency have been terrifying. Among other things, he removed white supremacist groups from the FBI’s terror watch list. He offended some of America’s greatest allies, like Australia and Mexico. He commenced implementation of a ban on Middle Eastern people entering our country. Trump insinuated during the campaign, that he would be… Keep Reading

Why Did Trump Remove all White Supremacist Groups from Terror Watch List? To Spread Islamaphobia

Nazis and all white supremacist groups are celebrating today after the glorious victory that our president handed them. Trump is pushing to remove all racial hate groups from the FBI’s terror list. According to a Reuters report, The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings… Keep Reading

Trump’s America Will not Protect the World Anymore, Can Germany Become the World’s Leader?

When the Second World War ended, America emerged as the global leader. Since then, America has become the guardian of the world. This sort of relationship has allowed America to peacefully become the undisputed leader of the world. Kind of like how Don Corleone achieved his power. When one nation is down, America will lend its hand. As a result, some day, if America ever needs that country’s help, they will willingly assist. That is… Keep Reading

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