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Fake News From Russia is More Destructive than any Bomb – It Got Comrade Trump Elected

For two months, freelance journalist Lyudmila Savchuk worked in a four-story building in the middle of St. Petersburg, Russia. She wrote fake news. She was an “internet operator” in the secret troll factory called Internet Research. When she got the job, she was told that her job was to write articles praising Putin and the Kremlin. However, as soon as she found out that her real job was to spread lies promoting Putin’s agenda, she… Keep Reading

Is Trump Digging his own Orange Grave With These Obama Wiretapping Accusations?

On Saturday, Trump shocked the world by accusing previous President Obama of wiretapping him. If this is true, we could be on the precipice of one of the most damaging presidential conspiracies since Watergate. In fact, in these fragmented and often psychedelic tweets, Trump compared Obama to Richard Nixon. He also called him a “bad (or sick) guy.” After making such a scandalous accusation, it was quite indicative how silent the White House became the… Keep Reading

James Comey was Just Another Chink in Hillary’s Armor

Hillary lost a few days before the election, when FBI director James Comey held a press conference and announced that he had “new information” that could lead him to reopen case against her. We call this a scare tactic. Just like Putin’s hush-puppy Julian Assange with his Wikileak revelations. He said that “My next leak will ensure Hillary’s arrest.” He had nothing on her. When you want to defame someone, yet you have nothing on… Keep Reading

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