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Sessions was Appointed Attorney General to Protect Trump from the Russian Investigation, Now that he Recused Himself, Trump is Screwed

Donald Trump’s interview with the The New York Times, regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is practically admitting his guilt. I couldn’t tell you of which crime, but his bizarre behavior is consistent with anyone hiding something. I could write another article on his decision to grant The New York Times this interview. After all, according to Donald Trump, there is no bigger enemy to our country than the evil liberal media. Why would you grant such… Keep Reading

Here is Proof that Trump’s Plan is to Destroy our Government, Cause it is Too Big

Our president is trying to destroy our government. This is the Manchurian candidate on about a pound of speed. Except, Trump is not executing his plot in secrecy. His plan is as clear as a flashlight beam. His motives as well, are easy to spot. Trump is finally accomplishing what Republicans have been fantasizing about for the past few decades. If you were president, and were tasked with destroying our government, how would you do… Keep Reading

For those of you who Glorified Traitor Assange, FBI is now Seeking his Arrest

Once upon a time, Julian Assange was considered an American hero, kind of like Johnny Appleseed. Once upon a time, people perceived his website, Wikileaks, as this righteous forum of justice. All of those dark secrets our government tries to veil, were revealed through Wikileaks. Ironically, all of those “secrets” seemed to be aimed at smearing Hillary Clinton. The one candidate who refused to reveal his tax returns, those secrets, Wikileaks would not uncover. However,… Keep Reading

Is the Spirit of Christ or the Devil Inside the Gun Waving, Abortion Hating, War Scheming Republican?

It seems the religious right only care about a gun, an abortion or a war. Everything else pales compared to those things. For decades, America considered these republicans pious and virtuous. What a difference an election makes. During the election, I wrote article after article about how dead the republican party was, and how Trump was the last nail in that decrepit coffin. But then he won. I was proven wrong. Or was I? Perhaps… Keep Reading

All those People that Loved Trump’s Speech so Much, Must Feel Really Stupid This Morning

Every news headline Yesterday, was about how glorious Trump’s speech was on Tuesday night. I was mortified to hear people speaking about Trump with such prestigious adjectives as “optimistic”, “winning” and “presidential”. But then,  a mere few hours later, revelations came out that accuse his Attorney General of perjury. Just like that, his glory is snatched right from his fat and orange hands. Even his harshest critics, like CNN analyst Van Jones, could not stop praising the… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Jeff Sessions

Will Jeff Sessions be able to Properly Investigate His BFFs, Trump and Flynn? Unlikely

The FBI, led by Jeff Sessions, will conduct several investigations into the connections between Trump’s cabinet members and the Russian government. Depending on the severity of these connections, our president faces treason indictments. This is seemingly a good sign for any one who appreciates unveiling the truth. However, keep in mind who will be heading this investigation. Recently appointed Jeff Sessions is the US Attorney General. The FBI, the same agency that will be investigating… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Jeff Sessions

White Supremacists Everywhere Celebrate Donald Trump’s Attorney General Nomination

First, they lost the civil war. Then, came more than 200 years of liberal advancement. White supremacists have had a very tough last couple of centuries. However, all those storm clouds seem to be lifting now, as a result of the decisions of president elect Donald Trump. Former Klan leader David Duke is eating up Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General like a piping-hot stick of peppermint. Duke wrote on Twitter, “Bannon, Flynn,… Keep Reading

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