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How Can we Prevent Another Trump from Becoming President? Improve our Education

As if building a model train, Trump followed a carefully scripted book of instructions to become our president. Trump has demonstrated to the world how simple becoming president is. Our government will continue to be taken hostage by the loudest and wealthiest candidate every election, if not for education. If I asked you ‘what is wrong with our president’, I’m sure some of you could create a really long list. In conclusion, we need to… Keep Reading

Trump Wants to End Liberal Arts Education

As you read this article, Trump’s administration is actively trying to make it more difficult for liberal art students to get a loan. Trump’s administration thinks that they know better than people who study philosophy or anthropology or psychology or arts. ‘Don’t waste your time,’ Donald Trump says. After all, liberal art graduates have the sixth highest unemployment rate of college graduates.According to this republican-know-it-all wisdom, women also are stupid and can’t decide for themselves… Keep Reading

Democrat’s Plan to Fight Republicans May Shock Some

Democrats are really in a bind. They were badly defeated and do not have many strategies. As a result, Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, has a plan to focus on platforms where they agree with President Trump. I’m sure I lost a few democrats after reading that first paragraph. To imply that democrats will actually WORK with Trump seems blasphemous, even a little sacrilegious. But keep in mind, as much as we might despise Trump, our… Keep Reading

Moody’s Analytics Releases their Study of Trump’s Economic Plan

Moody’s Analytics, a platform for economic research regarding risk and financial modeling, analyzed The Donald’s economic plan. If your neighbor keeps screaming about how The Donald will fix the economy, tell him The Donald’s plan is shit they should shut up and that his plan will only benefit himself and a few of his golfing buddies. According to Moody’s, there would be 3.5 million FEWER jobs and the unemployment rate would soar to 7% at… Keep Reading

We Need a lot More than Some Wall to Bring Back those Jobs

Trump supporters rejoice today. After a complicated campaign, Trump finally scores the nomination. The campaign has been a long and strange trip. Actually, it wasn’t very long and it was exceptionally strange. It is questionable if Trump, the life long democrat, would have been where he is today had he not uttered two bold proclamations. First, as president he will get Mexico to pay for a wall on the southern U.S. border. And second, he… Keep Reading

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