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For those of you who Glorified Traitor Assange, FBI is now Seeking his Arrest

Once upon a time, Julian Assange was considered an American hero, kind of like Johnny Appleseed. Once upon a time, people perceived his website, Wikileaks, as this righteous forum of justice. All of those dark secrets our government tries to veil, were revealed through Wikileaks. Ironically, all of those “secrets” seemed to be aimed at smearing Hillary Clinton. The one candidate who refused to reveal his tax returns, those secrets, Wikileaks would not uncover. However,… Keep Reading

Everyday the Connection between Trump, Putin and Assange Becomes More Apparent and More Scary

Hypothesis : Putin placed a spy in the White House with the help of Assange. There is no denying that a weird relationship exists between known American spy fugitive Julian Assange, American president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Proof of this bizarre claim is illustrated in the intel that Assange’s hacks reveal and don’t reveal. From his Ecuadorean Embassy in London, Assange offered visions of an America that isn’t the America I know.… Keep Reading

Now Julian Assange is Claiming the Obama Administration is Trying to Delegitimize Trump

There is no denying that Wikileaks was a huge factor in Hillary’s defeat. The fact alone, that the email’s were released slowly, week by week, word by word, demonstrated the magnitude of the campaign behind it. Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, was trying to capitalize on the damage he had on Hillary. The above graph shows just how many people were interested in Assange and his emporium of Hillary mud slinging, during the months just… Keep Reading

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