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Where are Those People that were so Enraged Over Obama’s ‘You can keep your doctor’?

Do you remember Obama’s ill choice of words, ‘You can keep your doctor’? Do you remember how furious the republicans were over those words? Those five little words were repeated in every single republican speech for years. As they spoke those words, the venom flushed in their faces and the rage clenched in their fists, was so intense, millions of Americans protested our streets with those very words scribbled across signs. As pathetic as this… Keep Reading

Everyone is so Distracted by the Muslim Ban, Trump’s Lobbyist Changes are Going Unnoticed

  During the campaign, President Trump promised America that he would get rid of the lobbyist. Trump vowed to ‘drain the swamps’. There is no better place to start than by slaying the lobbyist. Restricting lobbyist activity in our government is a praiseworthy achievement. Lobbyists are the epitome of corruption: big business liaisons influencing politician’s votes with donations and lavish gifts. Trump’s ban on lobbyists is similar to the republican brainchild “trickle down economics”. Both… Keep Reading

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