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Republican Representative Mark Gaetz from Conservative Florida Panhandle has a lot of Secrets in his Closet – Part Two

That bible-thumping and squeaky clean image that Republican freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz tries to portray is only a facade. He must be very conservative because his district in the panhandle of Florida is one of the most conservative in the country. Gaetz however, lives a much different life than that pristine image he maintains. On the inside, lies a gallery of red lights. His record reveals at least seven arrests for drunk driving, murder suspicion… Keep Reading

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Conservative Florida Panhandle has A lot of Secrets in his Closet – Part 1

My two articles today will both be about the Republican freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz, from Florida. My editor told me to write an article about how republicans want to destroy the EPA. As terrifying as that statement is, my research led me to the door step of Matt Gaetz, a republican representative that few Americans know. The only thing awesome about this guy is how he typifies every single Republican. His district is one of… Keep Reading

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