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Trump Deports Dozens of Iraqi Christians to their Executions, Goodbye Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

“Life, & liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When those words were written, the French Revolution had just shattered the concepts of civilization. Ever since the dawn of history, power was determined by your blood. The only path to the throne was predetermined. If you were not born into royalty, you would never be a ruler. Imagine a world with such severe restrictions! The French Revolution ended this primitive way of life. In the smoking… Keep Reading

China is Laughing at Trump’s ‘America First’ Ideas, as it Sweeps into Mexico

Trump’s “patriotic” campaign vision is already hurting America and also boosting China. According to a number of American trade deals, before Trump, cheap goods pour into North America from Mexico. Not anymore. Now, China has filled the void in Mexico that Trump’s threats have left. Trump was elected president as a result of his bombastic threats. His voters lavishly embraced Trump’s promises that America will only buy American, if he is elected. I have written… Keep Reading

A Review of an Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies of the Campaign

Lies. This article concludes my series analyzing Trump’s biggest campaign lies. Keep in mind that these lies allowed him to convince his uneducated voters┬áto vote for him. The lies that Trump fed his supporters, convinced them that he was some sort of messiah. During the campaign, they lined up for days, in the pouring rain, just to attend his rallies. Like every great manipulator, Trump offered his supporters hope. Within just one month of him… Keep Reading

Trump’s Nationalistic Future of America, the World and his Bank Account

Donald Trump became president by exclusively touting a nationalistic agenda. America would no longer be Mr. Nice Guy on the world scene. He felt that those security treaties we signed with Japan and Germany after the Second World War, should no longer be valid. Why should we pay for their military? On Trump’s first day in office, he got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), or as he called it, “the worst deal….EVER”. To… Keep Reading


Judge Tells Immigrants if One Doesn’t Like Trump, Then Get Out

A few months ago, there was a U.S citizenship ceremony in San Antonio. Usually, the ceremony is a symbol of beginnings. Everyone at that ceremony has worked so hard to be standing there. When that ceremony comes to an end, the life that they have dreamed of will begin. Citizenship is an honor that many people have died for. It is not just a piece of paper, it is a covenant between citizen and country.… Keep Reading

Mexico Launches Massive Campaign To Fight Trump and Help Democrats

Naturalization advocates have been working overtime, helping people become citizens in time to vote for the November election. In fact, the number of applications to become US citizens is at its highest in four years. Still, fear of a Trump presidency, with soldiers busting into homes and tearing apart families and sending some members to the other side of the border, instills such fright and hatred in Hispanics, the largest demographic in the country. In… Keep Reading

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