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Analysts Question if Jared Super Gay Voice was What Caused Palestine-Israeli Peace Negotiations to Crumble

Jared Kushner must be blaming the sound of his voice, on his failure to draw a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. There are lots of things that gay voices won’t be able to accomplish. Two guys get into a fight at a bar. Don’t expect the gayest voice to scream some sense into them. Sorry. The president has given Jared Kushner more power and responsibility than any US citizen has ever wielded. Jared Kushner… Keep Reading

Trump Deports Dozens of Iraqi Christians to their Executions, Goodbye Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

“Life, & liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When those words were written, the French Revolution had just shattered the concepts of civilization. Ever since the dawn of history, power was determined by your blood. The only path to the throne was predetermined. If you were not born into royalty, you would never be a ruler. Imagine a world with such severe restrictions! The French Revolution ended this primitive way of life. In the smoking… Keep Reading

Our President Lied to us About the $110 Billion Saudi Arabia Arms Deal

That $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, turned out to be one fat lie. Bruce Reidel, a member of the Brookings Institution, has written an article describing President Donald Trump’s recent claim to have sold $110 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia as “fake news.” “I’ve spoken to contacts in the defense business and on the Hill, and all of them say the same thing: There is no $110 billion deal,” Reidel writes. “Instead, there are… Keep Reading

An Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies of the Campaign – Banning of Islam AKA the “Travel Ban”

No Trump lie is more dangerous and disgusting than how he turned huge portions of our population against those who believe in Islam. Like that jerk in the middle school cafeteria, instigating fights and then watching them from a safe distance. During the campaign, Trump riled his supporters by promising, if elected, to prevent Islamic people from entering our country. Trump’s logic was that this category of people are terrorists. To jam packed audiences, Trump… Keep Reading

Now that Trump Got all of Those Silly Campaign Promises Out of the Way, He Could Focus on the Important Stuff

People who don’t read Breitbart and dress up in white hoods and carry burning crosses, would agree that the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency have been terrifying. Among other things, he removed white supremacist groups from the FBI’s terror watch list. He offended some of America’s greatest allies, like Australia and Mexico. He commenced implementation of a ban on Middle Eastern people entering our country. Trump insinuated during the campaign, that he would be… Keep Reading

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What is the Role of Fox Second Largest Stake Holder Prince Alwaleed bib Talal?

Fox News’ second biggest shareholder, right after Rupert Murdoch, is Prince Alwaleed bib Talal, Politifact article. This was the same prince that got into a vicious Twitter war with Donald Trump during the elections. As a result, the intricate relationships here are weirder than an episode of General Hospital. Lemme try to recap the past few episodes…. The Saudi billionaire prince loans Trump some money when he was in a fix back in the nineties.… Keep Reading

Why is Trump so Admired in the Middle East?

Trump’s most devoted supporters are from the Middle East. Although, now president, he will be pushing to ban many of them from entering our country, Trump has overwhelming support from middle eastern populations. “America should leave the political correctness and be tough on these countries that finance terrorism. We need a strong leader and if Trump needs me to speak at a rally I will come. If he follows his words and his strong stance… Keep Reading

Why Didn’t Anyone Care When Junior Refused to Link Terrorism with a Religion?

Every republican in the country is ranting about President Obama’s refusal to connect the deplorable acts of terrorism that occur in our country with ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslims’. The Islamic State, ISIL, is a group of radical extremists terrorizing the Middle East. President Obama commented that “ISIL is not ‘Islamic’, but a ‘terrorist organization, pure and simple.”  After another attack on our shores, by someone who pledged allegiance to ISIS, this argument is yet again, front… Keep Reading

Trump is his own Worst Enemy

Yesterday, I discussed Trump’s wall proposal. My article did not knock Trump necessarily rather, I questioned the voters who actually believe that a wall would get their jobs back let alone, could actually be built. That was yesterday. Today, I will analyze Trump’s Muslim ban. Undoubtedly, these two propositions propelled Trump to the unstoppable force that vanquished the Republican party. Before he uttered them, he was like a little deer lost in the woods. After… Keep Reading

What do Democracy, Gyros and Income Inequality Have in Common?

The wide gap between the rich and the poor is nothing new. Ever since the peasants were lugging bricks across the desert for the Pharaoh, you could tell with once glance who has the bread. Just a small pocket of cultures throughout history, all being Anglo countries, could the common man achieve both power and wealth. Every major Western scientific and artistic achievement could be traced back to the Greeks and Romans. Today, America reshapes… Keep Reading

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