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Why do so Many Republican Politicians get Arrested for Prostitution with Little Boys?

The other day, former Republican Senator Ralph Shortey appeared in court on charges regarding child prostitution. The judge ordered the senator to stay away from his seventeen-year-old MALE victim and to stay off social media. Shortey pleads not guilty to three massive charges. engaging in child prostitution engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church transporting a minor for prostitution. Unless his political career gets him some slack, Shortey can go to prison for 25… Keep Reading

After Trump’s Anti-Gay Legislation, Nation’s Largest Republican LGBT Group, Log Cabin Republicans, Regret Praising Donald Trump

Unless you are in the top 1%, voting republican is not in your best interest. One by one, every other demographic that supported Trump, is starting to discover that. Mark my words, if you voted for Trump, and you aren’t a gazillionaire, you’ll be regretting your foolish decision shortly. The Log Cabin Republicans, for example, are the nations largest group of LGBT conservatives. During the election, despite every other LGBTQ American, the Log Cabin Republicans… Keep Reading

Mike Pence/Women's Rights

Mike Pence’s New Home in Washington Littered with Pro-Women Ads

It seems that protest follows our president and vice president elect everywhere, even on their doorsteps! Now that Mike Pence will be our VP, he got himself a new pad in DC’s Chevy Chase neighborhood. Everything was good for a few days, until residents began hanging up rainbow flags. These flags are to voice disagreement with Mike Pence’s opposition to the LGBTQ community. Mike Pence’s New Neighborhood Gets Plastered With ‘Trust Women’ Signs Mike Pence signed The… Keep Reading

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Proving Trump is Mentally Unfit Could Legally get him Removed

Do you think Trump is mentally unfit? Would you buy a used car from him? There has never been a president-elect to be welcomed into the White House with so much protest than Trump. Those that didn’t elect him are wondering how to remove him from office. Those that did elect him are regretting it, after he already dropped several campaign promises. Anyone whose only attribute is “he thinks like me” isn’t the best choice to… Keep Reading

Mike Pence

Mike Pence is Fighting Courts to Keep his Email Secret – Why?

Where would Pence and Trump be without the Hillary’s email inquisition? Even their biggest supporters will tell you, there is not much to like about either of them. However, most of their support was conjured out of fear from the opposition. And Hillary’s emails was a huge part of that. Everything about Hillary was spotless. Maybe those emails of hers’ that we didn’t know anything about were dirty. As the gods of Irony script, now… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Mike Pence

The Same Professor that Predicted Trump’s Victory, Predicts that Trump Will be Impeached

The guy who correctly predicted every presidential election since 1984, is making another bold prediction. Allan Lichtman said on ‘Erin Burnett Out Front’, that “There’s a very good chance that Donald Trump could face impeachment.” He continued. “First of all, throughout his life he has played fast and loose with the law,” Lichtman said. “He has run an illegal charity in New York state. He has made an illegal campaign contribution through that charity. He… Keep Reading

No One Wants Trump Impeached More than the Republican Establishment

He hasn’t even been declared President and already there are anti-Trump protests across the country. Hispanics and Muslims fear deportation, women cringe every time the orange sexist demagogue appears on the television, and blacks struggle to accept the fact that our president was endorsed by the KKK. The country is petrified. As a very remote possibility, people have started discussing the chances that Trump could be impeached. Such an outcome is incredibly unlikely, though for… Keep Reading

Mike Pence

Fifteen Years Ago Mike Pence’s Scandal Should Have Landed him in the Big House

Mike Pence was chosen to be Donald Trump’s VP, because he really is the opposite of Trump. Trump is a vile city slicker, and Pence is a virtuous beam of light. Mike Pence undoubtedly appeals to the “religious” right that was not initially gung-ho about sexual assaulter Trump. The closer you look into the crimes Pence has committed, the both of them seem equally wicked. To his supporters, Mike Pence is an angel – a squeaky… Keep Reading

Mike Pence

Who Killed More People? Jeffrey Dahmer or Mike Pence?

In 2011, Mike Pence, a righteous congressman of Indiana, pushed legislation through congress that would have cut off funding to organizations that perform abortions. However, a federal judge blocked Pence’s law. Regardless, Republicans in the house made it so by 2014, Planned Parenthood would only receive $1.9 million from the state, as opposed to the $3.3 it got in 2005. So Planned Parenthood had to close five clinics in Indiana. One of these clinics was… Keep Reading

Mike Pence is no Choir Boy!

Unless a Republican politician is caught knocking on an airport bathroom stall wall, they usually get forgiven. Everyone deserves a second chance. About 15 years ago, Mike Pence’s campaign scandal was so atrocious that it cost him his congressional run. During that election, Mike Pence and the campaign financing violations he committed, became an Indiana laughing stock. As he limped off stage, it looked as if his political career was over. 15 years later though, he has… Keep Reading

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