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China is Laughing at Trump’s ‘America First’ Ideas, as it Sweeps into Mexico

Trump’s “patriotic” campaign vision is already hurting America and also boosting China. According to a number of American trade deals, before Trump, cheap goods pour into North America from Mexico. Not anymore. Now, China has filled the void in Mexico that Trump’s threats have left. Trump was elected president as a result of his bombastic threats. His voters lavishly embraced Trump’s promises that America will only buy American, if he is elected. I have written… Keep Reading

Do Female Republicans Really Exist?

I will be the first to say that Republicans don’t hate women. They just hate some women. Maybe, most women. Every Republican has a mother that they love. However, most of the mothers of these republican politicians don’t work, nor do they¬†get abortions. So Republicans only hate women not in their socio-economic demographic. I understand that women from a higher economic stratosphere may reject funding for Planned Parenthood. Such women never use Planned Parenthood. In… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Minimum Wage

Will Trump Rule to Pay Employees Overtime or Will he Kill Bill?

Trump won the presidency with his appeal to the middle class. With his admirable populist voice, his movement rejected business-friendly policies and foreign trade policies and immigrants. Trump could maintain the good embrace of his supporters with one stroke of his pen, and endorse Obama’s overtime bill. Predominantly, whites without a college degree handed Trump his presidency. Half of the people that voted for Trump said the economy was the most important issue.   Trump… Keep Reading

We Need a lot More than Some Wall to Bring Back those Jobs

Trump supporters rejoice today. After a complicated campaign, Trump finally scores the nomination. The campaign has been a long and strange trip. Actually, it wasn’t very long and it was exceptionally strange. It is questionable if Trump, the life long democrat, would have been where he is today had he not uttered two bold proclamations. First, as president he will get Mexico to pay for a wall on the southern U.S. border. And second, he… Keep Reading

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