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Republicans are Finding out that it isn’t Possible to Make a More Conservative Version of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is as conservative a legislation as you could get. Although that is the healthcare bill’s greatest problem, it is also the bill’s greatest strength. It can’t and it won’t be replaced. Republicans are trying to replace it. But with what? Anything more conservative than Obamacare is cruel. The only thing Republicans could come up with isn’t even healthcare. Trumpcare is a tax plan, that takes Medicare from senior citizens and… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Mitt Romney

What’s up with the Trump and Romney Bromance?

Few relationships have seen as many ebbs and flows as the Trump and Romney bromance. Two months ago, these guys were arch enemies, and now they are giggling and feeding each other frogs legs. The entire Republican party eventually capitulated to Trump’s sophomoric campaign and got behind him, but Romney stood strong in his opposition. Even Trump’s punching bag Jeb Bush, has recently praised Trump’s cabinet selections. After all, he is the president elect. During… Keep Reading

Dead Even Morning of First Debate – If You Believe that, There’s a Bridge in Trumpberg I’d Love to Sell You

Imagine you are the CEO of NBC. Last night, the night before arguably the most watched television event since OJ sped down the highway airs on a channel you own, what do you think you’d be dreaming of? I’m sure you would be hoping that the debate would be YUGE!!! Are there ways that you could make it even more YUGE? Fundamentally, it all depends on the advertisers. The more spectacular the event, the more… Keep Reading

Trump is Getting Destroyed by Hillary, but how is he Doing Compared to How Romney did, who lost in a Landslide

Every poll we hear, shows Donald being trounced by Hillary. He is getting slaughtered in every demographic group. Ever since Reagan, Republican’s favor among minorities has been plunging. Trump could very well be the last nail in the coffin.What has kept Republicans afloat though, is their support among white folk. Republicans have won in the past thanks to a wide enough margin among whites to make up for the enormous Democratic advantage among non-whites. But Trump… Keep Reading

Coverage of Trump is Eerily Similar to that of Romney

I surf the internet a lot for interesting political stories. Sometimes I read these headlines that Trump is destroying Hillary with Hispanics or with African Americans, and before I shake my head in disbelief I check out who conducted the poll. Usually, the culprits are conservative leaning polls. Like this one, from dailycaller, a conservative news source: I know a ‘conservative leaning poll’ sounds like the mother of all hyperboles – an oxymoron of collossal… Keep Reading

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