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Let’s Persecute Trump’s Family Including Melania the Porn Actress, Ivanka the Ugly Duckling, Jared the Russian Spy and Eric the Dimwit as Viciously as they did Obama and Bill’s Family

During every democratic president of my lifetime, republicans always attack the president’s family. Now that Donald Trump is in office, a very painful reality is beginning to settle in. The irony in this republican rabid rage is how cool they are with Trump and his family doing the exact same things they smeared the democratic president’s family for doing. Trump is actually much worse than any of their delirious accusations. Trump is violating several clauses… Keep Reading

Trump’s Promises to Israel Turn out to be More Lies, Uttered for the Sake of a Few Votes

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, he spoke with Boaz Bismuth of Israel Hayom. Boaz wanted a reassurance from Trump regarding his campaign promise to relocate the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump replied, “You know I’m not a man to break promises.” To the State of Israel, moving the embassy would be a huge thing. In fact, the past three presidents refused to make such a move. If the United States… Keep Reading

Trump’s Victory Will Turn out to be the Greatest Thing that Ever Happened to Democrats, Because it Will Turn out to be the Worst Thing to ever Happen to Republicans

Victory. Trump’s victory will be the final nail in republican’s already rotted coffin. Before the election, I literally wrote an article a day, about how decimated the republican party was. I wrote how delirious the republican party was for nominating Donald Trump. Two years ago, Donald Trump would be somewhere high on my list of least likely presidential candidates. Every day during the election, another horrendous scandal filtered through the media. Trump was the defendant… Keep Reading

An Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies on the Campaign : All Coal Mining Trumpkins Will get Their Jobs Back!

By far, this lie was my favorite. Trump actually convinced unemployed coal miners, that he could get them back to work. For him to deliver on that promise, would entail Trump literally transforming our nation’s economy as a whole. A ludicrous lie indeed, but the fact that people actually believed that he could answer such futile prayers, was mind boggling. Political Haze article Coal is a great thing to campaign on. From a distance, it… Keep Reading

Trump’s Reduction in Aid to United Nations Will Cause Millions of More People to Starve to Death

Donald Trump has pledged to reduce American funding to the United Nations. I doubt that sentence bothered most conservatives. Considering that America is the country that donates the most to the United Nations, which feeds the starving and protects the abused, this world is about to become a lot more “un-Christian”. Most people who call themselves members of “the religious right”, would gladly ignore the callous degradation of humanity, as long as a republican is… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Obama/taxes/vacations

Trump has Already Cost You More for his Vacations Than Obama did in Any One Year Period

Remember all those complaints about Obama’s vacations? They seem to take on a different meaning now that Lex Luthor is president. Everything about Obama bothered republicans. Lex railed about Obama’s birth certificate for years, until he became president and it didn’t bother him anymore. Republican senators wanted Obama impeached just because of his birth place. Imagine the fury had Russia fixed the elections in Obama’s favor! In 2013, Republican congressman Kerry Bentivolio said about impeaching Obama,… Keep Reading

Endangered Species/Obama

Why do Republicans Really Want to Squash the Endangered Species Act

Why would someone destroy a bill that protects endangered species? Imagine the devil climbed out of a hole in the ground and had a long conversation with you. He told you all about himself. About how much he loves war, and how much he hates it when starving people eat or when homeless people sleep in a shelter. Undoubtedly, he wouldn’t want to protect endangered and defenseless animals. Republicans would agree on every platform. Their latest… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Obama

Trump’s Approval Rating is Lower than Any President at Inauguration

Donald Trump’s approval rating, as we near doomsday Inauguration Day, is the lowest of any president in history. According to a  Gallup poll conducted two weeks before inauguration, 51% disapprove of him and 44% approve of him.     The above chart is from Gallup. The chart illustrates the approval rating of each president for the past sixty years. Every president comes into office with a high approval rating. This should not be a shock. Of… Keep Reading

If ‘Whitelash’ got Trump Elected, then a ‘Blacklash’ got Obama Elected

As the world watched election night in disbelief, CNN’s Van Jones summed up the evening with one word. “This was a whitelash. This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black president, in part.” ‘Whitelash’ in this election, implies that a lot of people voted not so much for the best candidate, but rather out of scorn for the huge strides of progress we made under Obama. Kind of… Keep Reading

Deficit/Donald Trump/Obama

Despite Republican Complaints, Why Does the Deficit Always Soar Under One of Them?

For the past eight years, Republicans have been furious about the deficit of the Obama administration. Every time the country needed something, Republican congress was checking that list twice and only approving the very bare minimum. For example, as a result of the Republican’s mission to curb deficit spending, even when it came to the Great Recession and saving our economy, the stimulus bill that was passed in 2008, was largely ineffective. Several provisions from… Keep Reading

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