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Florida Governor Rick Scott Gives a Quarter Billion in Taxes to his Lawyer Buddies, that Doesn’t Include Florida’s $400 Million Legal Budget – Someone is Getting Robbed!

The best thing about this grotesque chapter in history entitled “Trump”, is how transparent republicans have become. Republicans across the nation are following Trump’s example and just taking anything they want. Florida Governor Rick Scott, for example, is stealing money from tax payers, but also campaigning against spending money on social programs that his constituents need to survive. You could see these words swarming around his enormous cranium, ‘Everybody else is doing it. Why can’t… Keep Reading

Pam Bondi/Trump University

Trump Gives Bondi Campaign $25,000 Plus Role in White House for Dismissing Fraud Case

The saga between Donald Trump and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a concise example of dirty politics at its grimiest. The interactions between these two Republicans illustrate the epiphany of how politicians can abuse their roles, as well as the trust of those who elected them. Well, the love saga got even more nasty, when she got a position in his administration. Remember the Trump University lawsuit? You may not have. The story was oddly… Keep Reading

Criminal Bribery Charges Filed Against Trump

A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the many Trump scandals that I was shocked never made much of an appearance on the “liberal media”. It was about Trump University and the many lawsuits alleging that Donald Trump defrauded high school graduates looking to pursue an education. Lured by the name Trump, they signed up. Trump University turned out to be nothing more than a fraud. Countless prospective students got their bank accounts… Keep Reading

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