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Secret Republican Conversation from 2016, in which Kevin McCarty, House Majority Leader, Implies Putin is Paying Trump

In 2016, a conversation took place in the White House between top republicans. Every conversation in the White House is recorded. The Washington Post got a hold of this one. The conversation involves Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader, Paul Ryan and other notable conservative shills. If you read the transcription, there are a few moments when the hair on your neck stands up. They make some amazing comments about Russia. House Speaker Paul Ryan says… Keep Reading

Republicans Cut Medicaid Funding For Children With Disabilities

Could someone’s heart be any colder, than to refuse medical treatment to children? With disabilities? Two weeks before Christmas, and Texas Republicans gave every parent of a child with a disability a great Christmas gift. And these are the people we just elected. Good grief!!! Republicans are waging war with the social safety net that many less fortunate citizens rely on. I know, every Republican despises people who “rely on” the government. Those moochers that… Keep Reading

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Remember America, One Party Fought to Give you Healthcare Another Party Fought and Won to Take it Away

Where is Trump on healthcare? Trump has been difficult to read during this campaign. Some of his most impassioned platforms like the wall and kicking out Muslims are all but forgotten. However, with Trump’s selection of Rep. Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary, America can rest assured that Trump was serious about taking away your healthcare! Isn’t that great news? Kind of like when Republicans go out on the streets and celebrate our… Keep Reading

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Warning: Republican’s First Agenda May Cause Disgust and Nauseau

You thought Dick Cheney was evil? Let me introduce you to Paul Ryan. Considered the lone level-headed pragmatist in the Republican camp, Paul Ryan is a shooting star. His political potential is boundless. He is actually the most favored ’20 Republican candidate. Last election, Mitt Romney picked him as his running mate, because the two were seemingly not your usual thick-headed, banjo strumming, bible thumping republicans. Unlike those of their buddies, their platforms appeared to… Keep Reading

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