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People With Disabilities

Tom Price, the Head of our Nation’s Healthcare, Could be Trump’s Most Damaging Nomination, the Guy is in a Cult

Even Donald Trump could see how crooked Tom Price, his nominee for head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), looked. In 2015, Tom Price was a congressman and was also one of a few American investors allowed to buy discounted shares of Innate Immunotherapeutics. Republicans could defend him till their blue (or orange) in the face, but Tom Price scored such a lucrative deal because of his position in government. You know… Keep Reading

Republicans Cut Medicaid Funding For Children With Disabilities

Could someone’s heart be any colder, than to refuse medical treatment to children? With disabilities? Two weeks before Christmas, and Texas Republicans gave every parent of a child with a disability a great Christmas gift. And these are the people we just elected. Good grief!!! Republicans are waging war with the social safety net that many less fortunate citizens rely on. I know, every Republican despises people who “rely on” the government. Those moochers that… Keep Reading

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