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Trump’s Reduction in Aid to United Nations Will Cause Millions of More People to Starve to Death

Donald Trump has pledged to reduce American funding to the United Nations. I doubt that sentence bothered most conservatives. Considering that America is the country that donates the most to the United Nations, which feeds the starving and protects the abused, this world is about to become a lot more “un-Christian”. Most people who call themselves members of “the religious right”, would gladly ignore the callous degradation of humanity, as long as a republican is… Keep Reading

Putin, Wikileaks and Republican’s Efforts to Make us Fear the CIA, and Make America Weaker

The latest Wikileaks dump came at a peculiar time. No one could deny, that when Julian Assange releases another treasure trove of our government’s secrets, the only two people to benefit are Trump and Putin. The other day, Assange returned back into the limelight by revealing the software code of CIA hacking tools that were designed to compromise smartphones and other products. Putin is always happy when an arm of American government collapses. According to… Keep Reading

How Can we Prevent Another Trump from Becoming President? Improve our Education

As if building a model train, Trump followed a carefully scripted book of instructions to become our president. Trump has demonstrated to the world how simple becoming president is. Our government will continue to be taken hostage by the loudest and wealthiest candidate every election, if not for education. If I asked you ‘what is wrong with our president’, I’m sure some of you could create a really long list. In conclusion, we need to… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Loves Palm Beach, but does Palm Beach Love him?

Palm Beach is one of the most glamorous locations in the world. The hot women, the ritzy restaurants, the dazzling glamor – who wouldn’t want to live there? Apparently, Palm Beach residents, that’s who! They want out, as a result of Donald Trump. All of their businesses have taken a massive sucker punch since The Donald started visiting his resort so often. In his defense, The Donald does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter where you… Keep Reading

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Every Single American will be Affected by At Least One Program that Trump’s Budget Slashes, Except the Uber Wealthy Like Trump

Although Donald Trump is taking the credit, conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation, has created our national budget, according to their website. That makes sense because everything a republican would want, is in that proposal. More enlightening though, everything a republican would not want, is decapitated. Every single social program that defines our country, for example, is slashed. Fortunately, it is unlikely, that Trump’s proposed budget will creep any further through those decrepit halls of Washington.… Keep Reading

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Dont Stop When Your Dead – How to Dump on Trump From the Great Beyond

Just because you are dead does not mean that you have to stop agonizing The Donald. Several deceased have landed their most damaging punches on our president, only after they crossed that lazy river. Liz Smith, for example, was an 87 year old grandmother from Nowalk, Connecticut. She had five grand kids, and lived her life smothered in love. She liked traveling and she was also a member of Girl Guides. In addition, she managed… Keep Reading

Iowan Firefighters and Police Officers were Tricked into Voting Republican, now they are Pissed

Last election night, Iowan republicans were toasting glasses of bubbly in celebration. They had successfully tricked the state’s firefighters and police officers into voting for them. As a result, nearly all collective bargaining rights had been stripped from most of the state’s public employees. “It’s collective begging, that’s what it is,” John Thomas, a police officer from Mitchellville said. “Half of law enforcement folks I work with are Republicans. And we voted for Republicans because… Keep Reading

Boycott Trump and his Cabinet and Make Sure they Don’t get any of your Money

Some of my readers have asked me to write an article listing businesses that are associated with Trump’s cabinet of death. How can they boycott Trump? Who in their right mind would want their hard earned dollar to fall in the hands of these demons? Trump’s conflicts are more plenty and much easier to spot. These are companies that Trump either owns partially or singularly, his family members own or the company has taken a… Keep Reading


Hail the Protester, Our only Defense Against Trump’s Tyranny

The protester is the only beautiful thing about Trump’s Muslim ban. No matter what color you are, or your age, or your sex, everyone recognizes how atrocious the ban is. The thought of living in a country where people are unable to practice their religion is frightening, but you know what would even be more terrifying? Imagine if Trump’s ban went down without a peep. Imagine if no one could see the harm in refusing… Keep Reading


America’s Failed Attempts to Stop Trump With a Petition

When all is lost, America always has the petition. If you could collect 100,000 signatures for any pertinent issue, than the White House must elicit a response. However, despite all of those signatures, all Washington has to do is mention it. For example, six days after the Sandy Hook massacre, Obama responded to 33 petitions regarding gun control laws. Obama could only repeat his suggestions to Congress, including bans on military-style assault weapons. You think… Keep Reading

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