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Sheriff David Clarke is Bringing Back Blackface

David Alexander Clarke Jr. is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Call him whatever you want, but he is one politically shrewd dude. For starters, he is sheriff in a heavily democratic county. He is currently serving his fourth full term. However, many of his political ideologies are conservative. He is a frequent guest on Fox news. Even more admirable, he was a speaker at the 2016 Republican Nation Convention. If you are black and… Keep Reading

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Miami Republican Senator Forced to Apologize for Screaming out Racial Slurs at a Bar

A Miami Republican Senator has apologized for screaming out racial slurs at a bar late one night. If you made a list of all the insulting and cruel things Republicans do, using racial slurs would be very low on the list. After all, this is the party that campaigns on taking food out of your child’s mouth and denying your mother healthcare, all for the sanctity of lowering someone’s taxes by one percent. Sen. Frank… Keep Reading

Donald Trump, a Rabbi and the Grand Wizard Walk into a Bar

In March, comedian Louis C.K. sent a letter to fans in which he referred to The Donald as Hitler. Melania Trump raced to her husband’s aid during an interview. She proudly announced to America that, “We know the truth. He is not Hitler.” Such a flimsy assurance might have convinced the most loyal Trumpkins, but I still want more proof that Donald Trump is not Hitler incarnate. The more these suspicions kept reeling through my… Keep Reading

Realizing Wrong: An encounter with Racism

My eyes are blue, my hair is blonde (as long as I continue to have enough money to color it), otherwise it’s brown and lately, gray. When filling out an application, I check the box marked “Caucasian”. When I was 13 years old I was playing field hockey in my hometown of Provincetown, MA. Our high school team was having a particularly good season. After winning yet another game, we lined up to shake hands… Keep Reading

Similarities Between Trump Supporters and KKK Members

The Donald has certainly unified whole portions of America that a year ago would have nothing in common. Who would have thought Dick Cheney and Matthew Heimbach or Karl Rove and David Duke or Newt Gingrich and William Johnson would be supporting the same guy come election time? I’m sure you recognized the first name of each of those pairs, but the second names? One is the Grand Dragon, another is a white supremacist and the… Keep Reading

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