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So Much for the Religious Right, Who Just Ignored a Letter from Thousands of Nuns Begging them Not to Repeal Obamacare

It shouldn’t shock anyone that Republicans ignored a letter from 7,000 Catholic nuns, begging to keep Obamacare. Republicans might try to come off as the caring party, but don’t let them fool you! If you can’t fit neatly in a Republican politician’s wallet, then they don’t care at all about you. One party is for feeding the hungry and welcoming the abused refugee, while the other party fights to yank that welfare check out of… Keep Reading

Another Republican Arrested for Disgusting Acts with Children – Damn these Republicans

Why do so many Republican commit sexual acts against children? Today’s article is certainly not for the weak. Many people get so disgusted with the topic, they are unable to read about it. At eye level, the article is about a Republican arrested because of his stash of child pornography. Essentially though, the article is about the steaming hypocrisy of the Republican party. Time and time again, these alleged pilots of virtue, sink so low… Keep Reading

Republican Governor Affords Tax Breaks By Fighting Rising Violence With ‘Prayer Patrols’

The power of prayer is certainly an indomitable force. According to the Bible, the power of prayer is the power of God. Prayer can make a blind man see and a lost man found. But could prayer reduce the staggering number of heroin addicts? Could prayer stop the car jacking epidemic occurring downtown? Apparently, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin thinks so. In fact, Gov. Bevin’s plans on fighting crime with prayer. Literally, his plan is to… Keep Reading

The Number of Republican Politicians Molesting Little Children is Soaring in Recent Months

The number of Republican politicians molesting little children has soared in recent months. As painful as that sentence is too read, I assure you, it is much more painful to write. To imagine a political figure that garners such respect and civil responsibility, would abuse his trust and molest a little child could hardly be described in words. Blaming Trump has become an easy solution to democratic grievances. This easy scapegoat is also usually correct. If… Keep Reading

Preacher Threatens Divine Punishment for those that Shalt Not Support Trump

Kenneth Copeland is a very big preacher. He has a show on TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network. The Texas preacher and his wife, Gloria, have held their Southwest Believers’ Convention in Cowtown for more than three decades. Thousands of people, from all over the world, gather for this religious occasion, Star-telegram article.   Kenneth Copeland continues to insist that Donald Trump, even with all of his sins and scandals, is chosen by God. I could hear the gasps… Keep Reading

An Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies of the Campaign – Banning of Islam AKA the “Travel Ban”

No Trump lie is more dangerous and disgusting than how he turned huge portions of our population against those who believe in Islam. Like that jerk in the middle school cafeteria, instigating fights and then watching them from a safe distance. During the campaign, Trump riled his supporters by promising, if elected, to prevent Islamic people from entering our country. Trump’s logic was that this category of people are terrorists. To jam packed audiences, Trump… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Tears Republican Party Far From the Tender Christian Embrace

The Christian church has vocally voiced their disapproval of Trump’s ban on Muslims. Considering Trump won the election, his flock of republican minions apparently don’t care about the churches position. To them, the church means nothing. Once upon a time, the religious right ruled the country. Conservatives ruled right alongside the pulpit. The benevolent values of the church could be seen in every legislation that a Republican lawmaker wrote. Donald Trump and his hateful rhetoric… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Religion

Pastor Wants Trump to Make America Christian Again and Get Rid of Other Religions

Pastor Mark Downey manages the white supremacist Kinsman Redeemer Ministries. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identifies this self-declared church as a hate group. Downey believes: contrary to biblical scripture, that “Germanic, Celtic, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon” people are God’s “Chosen People,” and the small but influential religious sect informs nearly all white supremacist and extreme anti-government groups. Raw Story Article Pastor Downey actually sent a letter to Donald Trump about a month before the election. Written October… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Religion

Preacher Rick Joyner Feels that Trump is Similar to Jesus’ Disciples

A pastor, Rick Joyner, has compared the sexual-assault and class action fraud defendant / president-elect/ real estate baron Donald Trump to the humble disciples of Jesus. “I think if you look at the disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump. Every one of them were Donald Trumps. They were some of the edgiest, hardest. Who else would have ever chosen any of them?” The Apostles were mostly Jewish. Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish. But… Keep Reading

Pastor Speaks Tongues While Praising God for Trump

During an animated proclamation, Pastor John Kilpatrick celebrates the election of Donald Trump. “Victory, finally, victory!” Kilpatrick declared. “Thank the Lord for the victory! Thank you for saving our nation! Thank you, Lord, for bringing Jezebel down!” Raw Story article Yup, the lady that devoted her life to helping women and children around the world is referred to as “Jezebel”. The same woman whose charity foundation gave HIV medicine to people too poor to afford breakfast,… Keep Reading

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