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Republican Rainbow Coalition

Donald Should have Left His Trophy Wife on the Shelf

Roll over Dolley Madison, if The Donald wins it, I’d say we’d have a new all time hottest first lady! She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she sure is super hot. On another channel or another program, I could not find fault with her. The woman is beautiful. Except, I wasn’t watching Skinemax but rather, the Republican convention. As a result, I was quite critical and I found several flaws.  … Keep Reading

Remembering the Republican Rainbow Coalition

What a difference two years make. Two years ago – dam, it felt good to be a rhino. They dominated the mid term elections – nearly winning every single contested race. Also, a “colorful” cast of characters were emerging on the GOP stage that served to disqualify the usual condemning description of the party as “old white guys”.  (It’ll be effective if the Muppet theme song plays in your head while reading my descriptions of… Keep Reading

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