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Iowan Firefighters and Police Officers were Tricked into Voting Republican, now they are Pissed

Last election night, Iowan republicans were toasting glasses of bubbly in celebration. They had successfully tricked the state’s firefighters and police officers into voting for them. As a result, nearly all collective bargaining rights had been stripped from most of the state’s public employees. “It’s collective begging, that’s what it is,” John Thomas, a police officer from Mitchellville said. “Half of law enforcement folks I work with are Republicans. And we voted for Republicans because… Keep Reading

One of Trump’s Biggest Promises to Bring Back Coal Mining Turns Out to be One Fat Lie

From 1932 to 1996, West Virginia voted democratic 14 of 17 times. West Virginia was considered one of the safest democratic bastions in the country. Consequently, how was Trump able to win a state that some of the most seasoned republican politicians of the century could not? Trump’s illustrious promises to save the coal mining industry was how. Trump’s promises to save the coal mining industry typify the election as well as his supporters better… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Fiddles, While the Republican Party Burns

When Donald Trump first came on the scene, I thought he was hilarious. The humor in his campaign was that he was so terrible, yet he had enormous support, sort of like Benny Hill. If you have ever seen the show, you watch it and think to yourself, who likes this stuff? Yet it is so popular. He was the first presidential candidate to actually gain support by disparaging enormous chunks of our population. Women,… Keep Reading

As Our Streets go up in Flames and Protests, Republican Support of Trump Begins to Fade

More than a dozen GOP members of Congress have voiced their opposition to Trump’s ban on Muslims. Just a week ago, Republican support for these disgusting Muslim bans were as strong as ever. What happened? After months of holding Trump’s hand and singing Kumbaya, how come suddenly Mitch McConnell, Senator Rob Portman, Charles and David Koch, and almost every other Republican suddenly disavow Trump’s plans to kick out Muslims. Is Donald Trump the one at… Keep Reading


America’s Failed Attempts to Stop Trump With a Petition

When all is lost, America always has the petition. If you could collect 100,000 signatures for any pertinent issue, than the White House must elicit a response. However, despite all of those signatures, all Washington has to do is mention it. For example, six days after the Sandy Hook massacre, Obama responded to 33 petitions regarding gun control laws. Obama could only repeat his suggestions to Congress, including bans on military-style assault weapons. You think… Keep Reading

Our Nation’s Education Secretary Gets an F in Grammar But an A in Destroying Public Education

The Education Secretary used to be a position of honor and respect. Once upon a time, you can rest assured, that whoever sat in that seat was the embodiment of the American educational system. After all, it is the job of the United States Secretary of Education to advise the president on any policies and programs that relate to education. (Also this position is fifteenth in line to fill in for Trump) Wikipedia   Besty Devos,… Keep Reading

Eat Your Cake Now Republicans, Cause it’ll be Stale in a Minute

Now, Republicans can rejoice. It had been a long time, since the Republicans had a day of such unbridled celebration. From all over the country, Republicans traveled to Washington, eager to take part in Trump’s inauguration (AKA Doomsday). Undoubtedly, the celebration will be short lived.   Within minutes of wearing his polished brand new crown, Trump began to dismantle our nation’s healthcare plan, NY Times article. Then, Trump threw a bone to the mortgage lender… Keep Reading

Republican Official Arrested After Grabbing Woman’s Crotch

Christopher Von Keyserling is a 71 year old Republican official in Greenwich, Connecticut. A few days ago, he was arrested after grabbing a woman in her crotch. Allegedly, the man told the victim, before he pinched her special no-no place, “I love this new world. I no longer have to be politically correct.” This Republican politician was referring to Trump’s presidency as “the new world”. Apparently, some people learn from Trump. Von Keyserling is trying… Keep Reading


Why do Republicans Want to Deprive Your Children of Healthcare so Badly?

Obamacare is really only as effective as the political views of the person that you are asking. Despite that both of these politicians are very smart, ask Obama and then ask Paul Ryan to discuss the effects of our nation’s healthcare, their answers will be like night and day. Let us abstract a more unbiased approach to discerning an answer to this predicament. Just the facts, mam. According to Health and Human Services, more than… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Republican

Trump Killed the Republican Star

During the primaries, Trump’s kids unfortunately couldn’t vote for their dad because all of them were registered as Democrats. Even The Donald has spent most of his life registered as a Democrat. So then why, when The Donald ran for president, would he run as a Republican? An even more perplexing enigma is why would Republican voters support him in droves? What do they see in him? Is it the class action fraud case he… Keep Reading

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