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Scott Walker Implores Trump to Clear Some Federal Barriers

Scott Walker is an interesting politician. For one thing, he is one of the only presidential nominees that didn’t graduate college. Besides Truman, William McKinley who died in 1901, was the last president not to graduate college.¬†Wikipedia William McKinley article Scott Walker’s governing skills have decimated Wisconsin. In fact, Scott Walker is a good blueprint on how NOT to be governor. Walker’s story is so corrupt and so disgusting, I refuse to write about it… Keep Reading

Crooked Scott Walker’s Latest Blunder is Disgusting and it Implicates Trump

Scott Walker’s successfully battled recall, back in 2012, is in the spotlight today. More than 1,300 pages were posted online on Wednesday by British based The Guardian. This previously unreleased information illustrates how Walker raised millions of dollars for Wisconsin Club for Growth, which was the organization used to successfully stifle his recall attempts. Not only do these emails prove, once and for all, that Scott Walker is one of the most devious politicians in… Keep Reading

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