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Grab Your Popcorn, Now Playing – The Slow, Painful and Inevitable Death of the Republican Party

Before the election, I wrote so many articles about how the republican party was finished. And then they won the presidency! I was dead wrong. Or was I? Although they might have just won the presidency, the republicans are on their last leg. After all, they did nominate Donald Trump. Trumpkin after Trumpkin would tell reporters at rallies, that they liked Trump because he was different. That was it. They voted for Donald Trump because… Keep Reading

The Rise and Fall of a Kentucky Trump Campaign Manager

Once upon a time, 70 year old Judge Tim Nolan of California, Kentucky was a shining local republican figure. Just a year ago, the old judge was quite a fixture in the local Kentucky scene. His prominence was only growing. He was like a little bud in a garden of staunch ruby-red roses. Judge Nolan had a future in the republican party. Media in his neck of the woods, referred to Judge Nolan as an… Keep Reading

Protesting/taxes/Tea Party

Republicans Aim to Make Peaceful Protesting a Hefty Prison Sentence

Protesting is a beautiful thing. It really embodies what it means to be an American. Think of all the American blood that has been shed so that you could go out on the street and protest whatever you want. When women protested in the early 20th century, they were awarded the privilege to vote. Railroad strikes and labor protests led to our nation’s first unions and a safe work environment for our workers. We must… Keep Reading

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