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The Wall

Ivanka’s Sweat Shops in Indonesia are Jumping, Trump’s Resorts are Filled With Immigrants, America Announced 15,000 Additional Visas, Oh Yeah it is Trump’s Made in America Week

Although he wears a ‘Made in Russia’ tattoo on his ass, Trump has decided to label this week ‘Made in America’. Its about time. He gained the presidency by promising to bring back jobs to our country. That message sure worked like a charm. Even coal miners believed him, when Trump promised to get those abandoned coal mines busy again. Of course, this would imply our entire manufacturing industry would return to coal, which is… Keep Reading

China is Laughing at Trump’s ‘America First’ Ideas, as it Sweeps into Mexico

Trump’s “patriotic” campaign vision is already hurting America and also boosting China. According to a number of American trade deals, before Trump, cheap goods pour into North America from Mexico. Not anymore. Now, China has filled the void in Mexico that Trump’s threats have left. Trump was elected president as a result of his bombastic threats. His voters lavishly embraced Trump’s promises that America will only buy American, if he is elected. I have written… Keep Reading

Because the Uneducated Were Tricked by Trump, Taxpayers get Douched Paying for Wall

It has only been a few days since Trump saddled up on his throne. Already though, he has made all of those loyal Trumpkins that voted for him so very proud. He accomplished this noble feat by delivering on many of those campaign promises he made. The wall will be built. One little change though. Mexico won’t pay for it, you will. The real kick in the ass is that you will pay for it,… Keep Reading

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