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Tim Canova

Bernie Sanders/Tim Canova

Good luck, Tim Canova, Without that Glorious Bern, You’re Gonna Need it

Had it not been for Bernie Sanders, Tim Canova, a little known law professor, would probably not have run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz,¬†former Democratic National Committee chairwoman. Tim Canova must have assumed that his chances of beating her were exorbitantly greater with Bernie’s blessings. At one time, Canova and Sanders were mighty allies. Now that Canova is in an election against Debbie, one of Bernie’s arch enemies, you’d assume Bernie would be swinging right along… Keep Reading

The Day Bernie Dumped Me

“We all just have to unite and rally around Hillary now. To beat Trump. OK”? No. It’s not okay. After an anxious morning of waiting for events to unfold, I finally got a chance to scroll the news. And those dreaded whispers, which had spooked Bernie communities everywhere the past few days, were finally confirmed. I’m sure every Bernie supporter went through a similar whirlwind of different emotions as I did today around twelve o’clock.… Keep Reading

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