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Trump Cares so Much about the Nation’s Homeless He Appointed his Nanny to Head Nation’s Largest Public Housing Authority of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Trump’s latest selection for Department of Housing made the swamp get ten feet deeper! I have written several articles about the people Trump nominates to head important departments. Actually, I have written a lot of articles on this subject. I feel that Trump’s nominees are the most indicative measure of his true intentions for our country. If Putin did help get Trump elected, and Putin wanted Trump to destroy our government, what more effective way… Keep Reading

Earth to Trumpkins : Don’t Blame Democrats for Trump’s Persecution, They Have no Power, the Republican is Leading him to the Gallows

Ask any republican who is to blame for Trump’s downward spiral, and they will give you a huge list of suspects, excluding Donald. Prime suspect number one is the media. Of course excluding Fox, the number one media conglomerate in the country. I’d love if someone would tell me how a media conspiracy could exist without the number one media company in the country? I won’t hold my breath though. Another popular suspect are democrats.… Keep Reading

Here is Proof that Trump’s Plan is to Destroy our Government, Cause it is Too Big

Our president is trying to destroy our government. This is the Manchurian candidate on about a pound of speed. Except, Trump is not executing his plot in secrecy. His plan is as clear as a flashlight beam. His motives as well, are easy to spot. Trump is finally accomplishing what Republicans have been fantasizing about for the past few decades. If you were president, and were tasked with destroying our government, how would you do… Keep Reading

Trump to Nominate Quack Right-Wing Radio Host with no Experience in Agriculture Research to head Research Division of the Department of Agriculture

Agriculture research in the Department of Agriculture will be led by a notorious climate change denier. President Trump will nominate Sam Clovis for the position. Propublica article You’d think Trump would be pissed with Clovis. During the campaign, Clovis was a key adviser to Trump. Clovis was the one to introduce Trump to Carter Page. Carter Page is being investigated for being a Russian spy. If you were running for president, and hired someone to join your… Keep Reading

Rick Perry Flunked Chemistry, Now he is our Nation’s Secretary of Energy

Our nation’s Secretary of Energy should be an inspiration to all students. Even if you fail chemistry, don’t dismiss pursuing the position of Secretary of Energy, the nation’s top scientist. Not only has Rick Perry proven time and again, that he can’t even spell the word ‘science’, let alone get a passing grade in science, let alone list the Department of Energy while in a presidential debate, he now heads the department that builds and maintains nuclear weapons.… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Islam/Trump nominees

Obama Refused to say ‘Islamic terrorists’, and now Apparently, Neither will Trump’s Security Advisers

During Obama’s entire two terms, republicans got a kick out of trying to force Obama to say ‘Islamic terrorists’. Even Donald Trump, to display his brash defiance, would scream it loud at rallies and on mountaintops. According to The Donald, Obama was too weak to say those two words, but I’ll do it. As it turns out, most people will not say those two words. Trump’s new national security adviser Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, is one… Keep Reading

Business/Trump nominees

Wilbur Ross, Nominee for Commerce Secretary is the Worst of all Trump’s Nominees

To call Wilbur Ross the worst of Trump’s nominations, is really a bold statement. So far, Trump’s cabinet picks are worth $13 billion. Having a lot of money alone does not corruption breed, but just a peek into their fortunes reveals a tangled web of conflicts. Wilbur Ross, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Commerce, has the most apparent paths of profiting exorbitantly from his new clutch position. Wilbur Ross has made his money… Keep Reading

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