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For those of you who Glorified Traitor Assange, FBI is now Seeking his Arrest

Once upon a time, Julian Assange was considered an American hero, kind of like Johnny Appleseed. Once upon a time, people perceived his website, Wikileaks, as this righteous forum of justice. All of those dark secrets our government tries to veil, were revealed through Wikileaks. Ironically, all of those “secrets” seemed to be aimed at smearing Hillary Clinton. The one candidate who refused to reveal his tax returns, those secrets, Wikileaks would not uncover. However,… Keep Reading

Putin, Wikileaks and Republican’s Efforts to Make us Fear the CIA, and Make America Weaker

The latest Wikileaks dump came at a peculiar time. No one could deny, that when Julian Assange releases another treasure trove of our government’s secrets, the only two people to benefit are Trump and Putin. The other day, Assange returned back into the limelight by revealing the software code of CIA hacking tools that were designed to compromise smartphones and other products. Putin is always happy when an arm of American government collapses. According to… Keep Reading

Unofficial Trump Adviser Roger Stone and Julian Assange Conspire to Trick Republicans

You could call Republicans a lot of things, ‘educated’ would not be one. As a result, Republicans are easy to fool. Trump even said ‘I love the poorly educated.’ Although Trump has been a Democrat most of his life, if he would have run as a Democrat he wouldn’t have gotten two steps past the starting line. Now, a tightly wrapped conspiracy is starting to unravel. A conspiracy that the entire Republican party have been… Keep Reading

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