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The following images are remixes or parody of Dr. Seuss's political cartoons from around the World War II era. The cartoons are sketches of the original comics. During the timeframe of WWII, Dr. Seuss was a political cartoonist. He worked with different aspects of media including helping the government to create books for younger people to learn how to read. In creating the books, they tried to have something more entertaining for the youth than the typical Dick and Jane simple reading material. During the war, a lot of individuals were not as educated, and Dr. Seuss contributed in teaching by his genius wit. Maintained by J.J.

Republican Healthcare Votes No Buck
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Republicans HealthCare Votes. No Buck!

Nothing is more devastating to Trump than not being accepted. When the GOP voted his healthcare demands down, Trump was deeply affected. In his campaign, Trump promised that he would provide health insurance to every single person in America. With his proposed plan it does the complete opposite, hurting the very group that needs it the most. In this doodle parody of a Dr. Seuss political cartoon, the word “bucks” convey an assortment of meanings.… Keep Reading

The Trumpkin R75 parody of Nazi BMW R75
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Trump Reich Parody of Nazis BMW R75

No one should be shocked to find out that our president’s favorite cars are the same cars used by Nazis during World War Two. Both Hitler and Trump’s favorite set of wheels was the Mercedes. Their second favorite car? The Rolls Royce, whose parent company is BMW. This week’s illustration depicts an extreme Trump loyalist (AKA Trumpkin), in a shiny brand new BMWR75. Whats the difference between this guy tooling down the road and a… Keep Reading

Dr Seuss Remixes - Trump Fake News Bonnet.
Political Comics

Donald Trump’s Fake News Bonnet

President Trump’s new posted a tweet to his Twitter account attacking very specific news outlets for creating “Fake News.” He claimed that they were the enemy. In this remix parody of the original Dr. Seuss, the cartoon suggests that you can place a bonnet on your head then dig it into the sand. The United States remains built on the fundamentals of freedom of speech which includes media news. The ironic aspect is that perhaps… Keep Reading

Dr Seuss Remixes - Alternative Facts The Predicted Censorship
Political Comics

Alternative Facts The Predicted Censorship

This remix of the Dr. Seuss classic parody the original with the “alternative facts.” In recent discussion Trump is accusing the media of creating false information or as he calls it “fake news” and “alternative facts.” In case you did not know the term originated from George Orwell. In the history of subtle use of literature reference, this may be the winner. George Orwell’s most famous literary pieces include the book 1984 and Animal Farm.… Keep Reading

Dr Seuss Political Cartooon Swamp Devil Matt Gaetz
Political Comics

Swamp Devil Matt Gaetz

In the original cartoon from Dr. Seuss comic had a person wearing a Lindbergh sash patting a water monster with Nazi symbols all over it. The caption said, “Tis Roosevelt, not Hitler that the world should really fear.” This remix by J.J. shows Lindbergh as Trump and the water monster has been upgraded into a Swamp Devil. In this parody, Florida rookie politician Rep. Matt Gaetz who introduced a bill to terminate the Environmental Protection… Keep Reading

Betsy DeVos Story Time Dr Seuss
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Betsy DeVos Story Time Dr Seuss

In the original cartoon, Dr. Seuss suggested that Hitler was the wolf eating and spitting children out. It was very literal of World War II concentration camps and how children were treated. As a modern light homage, J.J. has the women depicted as Betsy DeVos reading “Trump the Wolf” to two children. “The Wolf” chews the kids up and spits out their brains a metaphor for their poor education students in the public school systems… Keep Reading

Ride Ends Here. #DeleteUber
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Ride Ends Here. #DeleteUber

In the original Dr. Seuss, this cartoon may suggest that the end of the American Dream is the beginning of war. Here it’s been remixed to indicate that the end of the road or ride is when the millennials and anti-Trump supports begin to delete their Uber ride-sharing the app in protest. As soon as the “#DeleteUber” hashtag started to get viral a lot of users from drivers to passengers deleted the app. Keep Reading

In God We Trust - Trump Quarter
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Trump Quarter

A common theme in Dr. Seuss political comics is that he had a lot of large necked or triage like birds putting their heads on the ground. The idiom of hiding your head in the sand indicates that you purposely ignore obvious danger signs. This comic means that Trump supporters have been completely disregarding triggers of caution. Keep Reading

Talk. Tweet. Talk. Tweet.
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Talk. Tweet. Talk. Tweet.

Today’s politics have a huge presence online and in person. A vast majority of the modern information society receives both from media and Twitter. Ironically a large aspect of President Trump’s statements has been pulled directly from his “Offical” Twitter account. In this toon, the remix is a parody of what would be Uncle Sam with a Trump hairstyle wig. In this image, the Uncle Sam is holding a digital device while Tweeting and Talking. Keep Reading

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