Trump Cares so Much about the Nation’s Homeless He Appointed his Nanny to Head Nation’s Largest Public Housing Authority of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Trump’s latest selection for Department of Housing made the swamp get ten feet deeper! I have written several articles about the people Trump nominates to head important departments. Actually, I have written a lot of articles on this subject. I feel that Trump’s nominees are the most indicative measure of his true intentions for our country. If Putin did help get Trump elected, and Putin wanted Trump to destroy our government, what more effective way…

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Another Campaign Promises Bites the Dust, as Trump Snuggles up With Pharmaceutical Industry and Decides Not to Lower Drug Prices

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Trump’s campaign promise to lower drug prices, was one promise everyone agreed with. Choosing the people over the industry has been a democratic nation for decades. As a result, Republicans were shocked to hear this campaign promise coming from their own presidential nomination. After all, Trump’s campaign promise would align him with Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.   During this long and strange trip since inauguration day, Trump has repeated this…

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If you were One of the Voters who Erroneously Reasoned that Trump was the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’, Thanks for Destroying our Country

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Millions of Americans voted for Trump because they thought he was the ‘lesser of two evils’ compared to Hillary. Even today, many Americans still believe that. A very legitimate measure of intelligence is how easy it is to be tricked. I could sell a baby a candy bar for twenty bucks, but it’d be much harder to rip off a fifty-year-old genius with the same scam. However, you can’t be the sharpest tool in the…

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When the Going Gets Tough with FBI Investigations, Trump’s Best Strategy is to Drag in Hillary

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FBI investigations into Trump have begun. Trump has had a tough week. With poll numbers historically low for this soon into a term, everyday another group of voters realize that they had been duped by Trump. With each hour that transpires since his election, more anger swells at the president. Shit really hit the fan, when the FBI finally announced that they were investigating him on obstruction charges. WOW! Of all people, attention hungry Trump…

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