Time for Predictions: As soon as the Trump Family is Questioned By Investigators, They will Turn on Each Other like a Pack of Rabid Wolves

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Political predictions are usually for the birds. Even the wisest political minds have been completely dumbfounded while defending their erroneous Trump predictions. Trump has defied every political notion in this great country. Trump possesses this ungodly skill to commit the very last thing a political campaign adviser would suggest, and still wind up winning. As a result, political commentators have learned to keep their Trump predictions to themselves. Most of my readers would acknowledge that…

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What Can we Discern from Trump’s Furious Reaction Over Signing the Russian Sanctions’ Bill?

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Trump’s signing of a bill on Wednesday, which imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea, took place in something of a Trump temper tantrum. He begrudgingly signed it, while unleashing a tirade of complaints. The worst part about the bill, is that Trump is unable to sneak into the White House late one night and ease the sanctions by himself.   “While I favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior…

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Our President is Becoming Delusional – In the Past 24 hours, He Participated in Two Phone Calls That Never Actually Happened

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My friend’s grand mother used to have imaginary phone calls. She was nuttier than a bag of squirrels. Senility is an ugly thing. Sometimes, when people get older, their minds disintegrate into jumbled cesspools of gibberish.  Victims of senility will often just aimlessly wander away, until a nurse retrieves them. Kind of like when our president, after landing at an airstrip – got into his limousine, and then immediately got out and began strolling down…

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So Much for the Religious Right, Who Just Ignored a Letter from Thousands of Nuns Begging them Not to Repeal Obamacare

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It shouldn’t shock anyone that Republicans ignored a letter from 7,000 Catholic nuns, begging to keep Obamacare. Republicans might try to come off as the caring party, but don’t let them fool you! If you can’t fit neatly in a Republican politician’s wallet, then they don’t care at all about you. One party is for feeding the hungry and welcoming the abused refugee, while the other party fights to yank that welfare check out of…

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