Correlation between Trump Supporters and Low I.Q.s

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Trump on Republicans – They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. – People magazine 1998   Why do so many people endorse Donald Trump? Everyday he wallows in another one of his pitiful blunders. Yet apparently, his loyal fan base doesn’t seem to care. When you ask a dreamy eyed Trumpkin ‘Why do you endorse The Donald?’, you’ll…

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Donald Trump, a Rabbi and the Grand Wizard Walk into a Bar

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In March, comedian Louis C.K. sent a letter to fans in which he referred to The Donald as Hitler. Melania Trump raced to her husband’s aid during an interview. She proudly announced to America that, “We know the truth. He is not Hitler.” Such a flimsy assurance might have convinced the most loyal Trumpkins, but I still want more proof that Donald Trump is not Hitler incarnate. The more these suspicions kept reeling through my…

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Donald Should have Left His Trophy Wife on the Shelf

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Roll over Dolley Madison, if The Donald wins it, I’d say we’d have a new all time hottest first lady! She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she sure is super hot. On another channel or another program, I could not find fault with her. The woman is beautiful. Except, I wasn’t watching Skinemax but rather, the Republican convention. As a result, I was quite critical and I found several flaws.  …

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Coverage of Trump is Eerily Similar to that of Romney

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I surf the internet a lot for interesting political stories. Sometimes I read these headlines that Trump is destroying Hillary with Hispanics or with African Americans, and before I shake my head in disbelief I check out who conducted the poll. Usually, the culprits are conservative leaning polls. Like this one, from dailycaller, a conservative news source: I know a ‘conservative leaning poll’ sounds like the mother of all hyperboles – an oxymoron of collossal…

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