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Watch How Trump Effectively Destroys the Republican, Causing Limbaugh and Hannity to Demonize the Party

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Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, arguably the greatest defenders of the rotten Republican, have suddenly begun to reject the party. However, their disgust with the republican party is compelled through their devotion to the Republican president. In other words, an enemy of my friend is also my enemy. If you are a political analyst, like Hannity and Limbaugh, you gotta pick a side. Hannity and Limbaugh have always adamantly supported Donald Trump. Without a doubt,…

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According to Eye Witness, Donald Trump Jr. was Abused by Pappy, He Also Used to Get so Drunk in College that he Would Pee on Himself

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Donald Trump Jr. turned out to be the one to prove, once and for all, that there was collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump candidacy. As a result of Junior’s “mistake”, them Trumpkins need to find a new argument. Junior has verified that Russia did help out. If I was a Trump supporter, and for years, had been defending his Russia collusion accusations, I would feel betrayed right now. I would also blame Donald…

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Another Republican Arrested for Disgusting Acts with Children – Damn these Republicans

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Why do so many Republican commit sexual acts against children? Today’s article is certainly not for the weak. Many people get so disgusted with the topic, they are unable to read about it. At eye level, the article is about a Republican arrested because of his stash of child pornography. Essentially though, the article is about the steaming hypocrisy of the Republican party. Time and time again, these alleged pilots of virtue, sink so low…

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The Game is up! Trump’s Son Met With Russian Lawyer for Damaging Hillary Intel

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The New York Times revealed last Saturday that Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., met with Russian agents for damaging intelligence on Hillary. The meeting took place in Trump Towers. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman at the time and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner tagged along. If this is true, mark my words, this is the beginning of the end for our president. For starters, if this is true, all three individuals are in a heap of…

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Trump’s Hatred for CNN is Really the Only Fake News Story out There

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CNN has been our president’s biggest enemy. Every other day, he complains about all of the “fake news” the cable news channel distributes, though he never identifies which stories are “fake”. Just past your window, there is a tumultuous sea of Trumpkins, accepting the president’s words as gospel. These people watch Fox, a news channel that presents news stories through a conservative lens. The irony here is stupendous. Clearly, the appeal of Fox, is that…

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Although Telemedicine Saves Countless Trump Supporters, Trumpcare Will End it, and Those Trumpkins Will Keep on Supporting Him

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Telemedicine is an amazing technology that connects sick and poor children in rural areas with cutting edge big-city doctors. Hook up a camera to a laptop, and suddenly a brilliant doctor on the other side of the country could examine a child who would have otherwise gone unchecked. Telemedicine is one of those things that everyone agrees is good. Republicans love it. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has even called it an “exciting…

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Trump Deports Dozens of Iraqi Christians to their Executions, Goodbye Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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“Life, & liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When those words were written, the French Revolution had just shattered the concepts of civilization. Ever since the dawn of history, power was determined by your blood. The only path to the throne was predetermined. If you were not born into royalty, you would never be a ruler. Imagine a world with such severe restrictions! The French Revolution ended this primitive way of life. In the smoking…

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Trump Has to Regret Opening his Fat Orange Lips About his Secret Comey Tapes

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Do the Comey tapes really exist? Unlikely. I doubt Trump expected the backlash that erupted as a result of his threats that he secretly recorded a conversation with former FBI Director James Comey. A super secret conversation took place in the Oval Office between Donald Trump and James Comey. One of these men was conducting an FBI investigation into the other. After this meeting, Comey gets fired. Considering that it is completely unheard of, to…

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Finally, Them Trumpkins are Realizing that They’ve Been Tricked, as the Destruction Begins to Unfold

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Trump is about to go down in a big pile of self destruction. Donald Trump couldn’t even last half a year, before torching the White House. Those poor Trumpkins must be devastated. Trump was supposed to be the Great White Hope. Trump was supposed to get those coal mining jobs backs, get everyone healthcare, destroy ISIS, build a wall, lock up Hillary, suspend immigration….. Turns out it was all lies. Trump knew his grandiose lies…

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Trump Demanded Money for Cancer Charity Events Held on Trump Golf Courses

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The Trump Organization took healthy profits out of their golfing charity events for cancer. Everyday I write a Trump story more disgusting and vile than the last. This one, however, comes with a warning. Due to shocking content, the weak may be visually disturbed. According to USA Today, Trump withheld handsome profits from charity events intended to benefit kids with cancer. What could be even more horrifying than that last sentence? This story is nothing…

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