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Ivanka’s Sweat Shops in Indonesia are Jumping, Trump’s Resorts are Filled With Immigrants, America Announced 15,000 Additional Visas, Oh Yeah it is Trump’s Made in America Week

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Although he wears a ‘Made in Russia’ tattoo on his ass, Trump has decided to label this week ‘Made in America’. Its about time. He gained the presidency by promising to bring back jobs to our country. That message sure worked like a charm. Even coal miners believed him, when Trump promised to get those abandoned coal mines busy again. Of course, this would imply our entire manufacturing industry would return to coal, which is…

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Republican Governor Affords Tax Breaks By Fighting Rising Violence With ‘Prayer Patrols’

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The power of prayer is certainly an indomitable force. According to the Bible, the power of prayer is the power of God. Prayer can make a blind man see and a lost man found. But could prayer reduce the staggering number of heroin addicts? Could prayer stop the car jacking epidemic occurring downtown? Apparently, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin thinks so. In fact, Gov. Bevin’s plans on fighting crime with prayer. Literally, his plan is to…

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Trump Cares so Much about the Nation’s Homeless He Appointed his Nanny to Head Nation’s Largest Public Housing Authority of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Trump’s latest selection for Department of Housing made the swamp get ten feet deeper! I have written several articles about the people Trump nominates to head important departments. Actually, I have written a lot of articles on this subject. I feel that Trump’s nominees are the most indicative measure of his true intentions for our country. If Putin did help get Trump elected, and Putin wanted Trump to destroy our government, what more effective way…

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Another Campaign Promises Bites the Dust, as Trump Snuggles up With Pharmaceutical Industry and Decides Not to Lower Drug Prices

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Trump’s campaign promise to lower drug prices, was one promise everyone agreed with. Choosing the people over the industry has been a democratic nation for decades. As a result, Republicans were shocked to hear this campaign promise coming from their own presidential nomination. After all, Trump’s campaign promise would align him with Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.   During this long and strange trip since inauguration day, Trump has repeated this…

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70% of Trump Real Estate has Sold to LLCs in the Past Year, According to USA Today,

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LLCs are buying up Trump properties like hotcakes. Why? During the campaign, Trump brushed aside all concerns about conflicts of interests. Never before have we had a president with such a far reaching empire of hotels and properties. In fact, his empire is so enormous, that it is impossible to determine every private company that he may have some financial linkage to. In regards to his properties, during the campaign, his opponents remarked how easy…

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Trump’s Infrastructure Plan is More Smoke and Mirrors, He Must Think we are Pretty Stupid

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Trump kicked off infrastructure week in quite an auspicious manner. The opulent ceremony took place in the East Room. Elegant politicians were squashed in the room like sardines. All of them shaking hands and nodding heads. A military band played in the background. To top it off, Trump sat mounted on his throne, signing seemingly important documents. If you could get a recording of this stately event, and then, let’s say you are able to…

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Stepping out of the Paris Accord Could be the Only Campaign Promise He Could Keep That Won’t Take any Money out of his Pocket

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Finally, we learn that if Trump decides to remove us from the Paris Accord, it will be a gift for those who voted for him. Everyone in the entire world is begging him to remain, but Trump has threatened to cancel membership, as frivolously as a Blockbuster card. Think of the lunacy of that statement. We are stepping out of the Paris Climate Accord in an attempt to appease the unemployed coal miner. Trump would…

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Where in the World is Rex Tillerson?

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Rex Tillerson is a lot of things however, he is not a politician. Trump’s nomination for Secretary of State said at first, that he didn’t want the job. He conducts his appointed position in secrecy. He was the first Secretary of State to make a foreign trip without any reporters. Tillerson spends more time dodging reporters than meeting State department employees. “What I’m told is that there’s this long tradition that the Secretary spends time…

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Here is Proof that Trump’s Plan is to Destroy our Government, Cause it is Too Big

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Our president is trying to destroy our government. This is the Manchurian candidate on about a pound of speed. Except, Trump is not executing his plot in secrecy. His plan is as clear as a flashlight beam. His motives as well, are easy to spot. Trump is finally accomplishing what Republicans have been fantasizing about for the past few decades. If you were president, and were tasked with destroying our government, how would you do…

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Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-in-law, Offers Immigration Status to Wealth Chinese that Invest in his Company

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Yesterday, Jared Kushner held a low-key presentation in the back of a Ritz Carlton ballroom. In the audience, were some of Chinese wealthiest. Shockingly, right before Jared Kushner began speaking, the press was forced out of the room. Despite the press being removed, the topic of the presentation was known. Jared Kushner was offering Chinese citizens the chance to become US citizens, as long as they invested a lot of money into his company. However,…

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