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By Leading with Such Incompetency, Trump Has Shown to the Rest of the World the Dangers of Electing a Putin Endorsed Candidate, There’s the Only Good Thing Our President Has Done

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The only good thing Trump has done, is put an end to Putin’s global domination. We can credit Trump for doing this. Certainly, it was not intentional. Regardless, his idiocy has petrified the rest of the world. Americans are starting to realize that electing Trump was a huge mistake. In just a few weeks, Trump has threatened to destroy everything from the planet to Big Bird. Even worse, he has taken our democracy and tore…

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Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-in-law, Offers Immigration Status to Wealth Chinese that Invest in his Company

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Yesterday, Jared Kushner held a low-key presentation in the back of a Ritz Carlton ballroom. In the audience, were some of Chinese wealthiest. Shockingly, right before Jared Kushner began speaking, the press was forced out of the room. Despite the press being removed, the topic of the presentation was known. Jared Kushner was offering Chinese citizens the chance to become US citizens, as long as they invested a lot of money into his company. However,…

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Trump Is Headed for War With Korea, He has Offended both North and South

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Trump’s playground romper-room feud with North Korea has been the focus of news for the past few weeks. Our president and the president of North Korea have exploded into a fight, similar to the ones we used to have in elementary school. I take that back. Such a reference is malicious to our elementary school students. Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung-Un are in a big feud. The reason for the fight, I don’t really…

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Jarod Kushner Found Trump’s China Adviser by Doing an Amazon Search

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Jarod Kushner was tasked with finding Papa Trump a China adviser, according to a Vanity Fair article. After all, China is a pretty big deal. Given this super important errand, Jared froze. He didn’t know anything about China. Probably even less than dear old Papa. Jared assumed that anyone who knew enough about China to write a book about it would be an okay adviser. Hence, Jared began checking out some of the book titles…

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