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Sorry GOP – Looks Like Even Military John Kelly Can’t Shape up Trump – Better Luck Next Time

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In times of crisis, it doesn’t take much to find a savior. A few hours ago, John Kelly, was Trump’s savior. John Kelly, recently elected White House Chief of Staff, was also a savior to every single confused and frightened person on the right. Their ship is going down. Without any life vests, the only thing saving them is a number of people leaping or being pushed overboard. I hate to be the bearer of…

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Time for Predictions: As soon as the Trump Family is Questioned By Investigators, They will Turn on Each Other like a Pack of Rabid Wolves

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Political predictions are usually for the birds. Even the wisest political minds have been completely dumbfounded while defending their erroneous Trump predictions. Trump has defied every political notion in this great country. Trump possesses this ungodly skill to commit the very last thing a political campaign adviser would suggest, and still wind up winning. As a result, political commentators have learned to keep their Trump predictions to themselves. Most of my readers would acknowledge that…

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Trump, Fox News and Putin – The Evil Triad – Colluded to Spread Fake News Connecting Hillary to DNC Staffer Death

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A lawsuit filed against Fox News, by a paid commentator for the news channel, claims that Fox News and a Trump supporter tried to deflect news from Russia collusion by making up this outrageous story that Hillary was involved in the death of a young DNC aide. The lawsuit quotes a voicemail boasting that Trump had actually reviewed the drafts of the story before it was published. CNN article According to the lawsuit, a month before…

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Don’t be Fooled! Trump Might Sign the Russian Sanctions Bill, But he is the one to Ultimately Decide the Details of the Sanction

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Putin, Trump, Sanctions – Love Hath no Disguise This play is a love story about two star crossed world leaders. Every other force in the cosmos, even sanctions against their union, though love always finds a way. Against all odds, the rulers maintain their relationship. This is the story of all of the valleys and mountains separating Trump and Putin. Part I The stage is a bull fighting arena. Putin plays the bull and Trump…

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According to Gallup, Three States Where Trump’s Approval Rating is 20% Higher than His Disapproval, What are they Smoking? Where Could I get Some?

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According to Gallup polling, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming are the only three states with Trump approval rating 20% higher than his disapproval. Trump promised his voters the sun and the moon. Trump promised each, their most coveted dreams. In these three states, people wanted to close the borders, to kick out all immigrants, and to make English the only language in America. Perhaps the more hopeful one is, the longer the hopefulness subsidies.…

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Although Scaramucci Was Against Trump During the Elections, Why is he Trump’s Most Loyal Subject Now? Money, and Lots of it!

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New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, is an enormous Trumpkin. Never before has anyone in Trump’s cabinet professed his love and adoration for Trump so many times, literally. In fact, Scaramucci has yet to give a speech, since taking his new position, without praising our president. Few things in our cosmos are more unpredictable than love. Scaramucci’s new found love is certainly no exception. Just a few years ago, he was adamantly against Trump.…

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Trump Gives Quarterly Salary of $100K to Department of Education, but he also Slashes Funding for the Same Department

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One festive tradition that Trump has started in D.C., is the disbursement of his quarterly salaries. Four times a year, four lucky recipients get Trump’s $100,000 salary. His first salary went to the Department of Interior. To Trump, $100,000 is like a needle in a haystack. In donating it, he gets back ten fold. Those maniacal Trumpkins, for example, now have proof that Donald isn’t in the White House for money, but rather to improve…

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What Does Trump’s Vicious Attack on Jeff Sessions Tell us, More Important, What Does it Tell His Loyal Republican Supporters in the GOP?

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Trump’s vicious attack on Jeff Sessions is the worst thing he could do to himself and to the Republican party. However, this is exactly what those who voted for him wanted. During the presidential campaign, if you would’ve asked any of those tank top-wearing, cross-burning, minority-hating Trump supporters at one of his rallies, ‘why do you like Trump?’ Nine out of ten of them would have defiantly answered, ‘He is not a politician.’ Seemed like…

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It was Disgusting to Watch Trump’s Boy Scouts Speech, But Check out What he did with his Son’s Boy Scout Membership in 1989, This’ll Make Your Hair Stand up!

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A study of Trump Foundation financial records revealed that in 1989, there was one little line for seven bucks to the Boy Scouts. Donations to good organizations are commendable. I’ll admit, that amount is more than I’ve ever given to the Boy Scouts. The weird part is that his “generous” donation of seven bucks, just happened to be the same amount as a Boy Scout membership fee. Even weirder? In 1989, The Donald Jr. was…

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Trump Would Like to Pardon Himself, His Family and Bill Cosby

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In December 2016, Trump tweeted his willingness to pardon Bill Cosby. Back then, the tweet didn’t seem so weird, among the prolific sea of Trump scandal. But now, as he is starting to hint that he may just pardon himself and his family out of this Russian debacle, that old Cosby tweet is sort of significant. Since that weird tweet, Cosby was ruled ‘not guilty’, but you can’t help but wonder what would have happened…

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