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Marijuana Businesses Getting Smoked by Trump

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As of today, 28 states have legalized either medical or recreational pot. This seems like a no-brainer. Instead of going to foreign cartels or fueling gang wars, money for pot goes to our government. Not only do we gain money through pot legalization, but we also save a lot more in legal cost and incarceration expenditures. Pot legalization is a smart choice every way you look at it. Now that Trump is in charge, he…

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Hillary Should Hop Aboard That Yellow Submarine With Legalization

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Hillary has a problem with millennials. We hear that all day long. One Quinnipiac poll in September found 44% of voters under 35 were going for a third party. Gary Johnson was snatching almost a third of that enormous demographic. Before Republicans break out the bubbly on that one, please keep in mind that Gary Johnson is a lot more conservative than The Donald. Besides social issues, Gary Johnson is VERY conservative. It is questionable…

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Bring out your Dead – Tonight Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel, the remaining members of the greatest rock group ever will be performing. The Grateful Dead have been a proponent for legalizing pot for a long time, and now they are trying to broadcast their message to an audience other than their devoted fan base. What better platform than on the Jimmy Kimmel show? About 2.4 million watch it a night. Plus, the show is on ABC, which is owned by family…

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