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Trump Will Remain in the Paris Agreement, He is Just Putting on a Show for his Supporters

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Trump will not leave the Paris Climate Accord. I have been wrong about a lot of things when it comes to Trump. A safe bet is that he will leave the accord. After all, just a few hours ago, Trump repeated his threat that he will “probably” leave the deal. Why he doesn’t just leave the accord, instead of making threats about doing that? I don’t know. I would bet my left pinky that Trump…

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In Exchange for $1 Million from Dow Chemical, Trump will Ignore Studies that Prove Pesticides Kill Animals as well as Humans

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Dow Chemical is paying our president to let them sprinkle their deadly pesticides across your kid’s playground! Remember Trump’s campaign slogan, how he was going to ‘drain the swamps’? Remember all of his star struck supporters reasoning how Trump was so wealthy, ‘I reckon, he don’t need to be greedy and corrupt’? Apparently, Trump’s corruption has soared to mortifying levels. Most noteworthy, when your kid is born with a defective brain, don’t blame Trump, don’t…

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Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Conservative Florida Panhandle has A lot of Secrets in his Closet – Part 1

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My two articles today will both be about the Republican freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz, from Florida. My editor told me to write an article about how republicans want to destroy the EPA. As terrifying as that statement is, my research led me to the door step of Matt Gaetz, a republican representative that few Americans know. The only thing awesome about this guy is how he typifies every single Republican. His district is one of…

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