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Does it Make you Feel Safe Knowing Ivanka is Crafting Legislation in the White House?

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Ivanka Trump just earned one of the most important positions in the US government. 90210 is now crafting policy that will affect you and your child for the rest of your lives. Here is a question for all business owners. How awesome would it be if your dad became president? Even better – imagine your dad violated every ethics rule in our constitution and gave you an office right next to his!! Could anything in…

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Let’s Persecute Trump’s Family Including Melania the Porn Actress, Ivanka the Ugly Duckling, Jared the Russian Spy and Eric the Dimwit as Viciously as they did Obama and Bill’s Family

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During every democratic president of my lifetime, republicans always attack the president’s family. Now that Donald Trump is in office, a very painful reality is beginning to settle in. The irony in this republican rabid rage is how cool they are with Trump and his family doing the exact same things they smeared the democratic president’s family for doing. Trump is actually much worse than any of their delirious accusations. Trump is violating several clauses…

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Is the Spirit of Christ or the Devil Inside the Gun Waving, Abortion Hating, War Scheming Republican?

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It seems the religious right only care about a gun, an abortion or a war. Everything else pales compared to those things. For decades, America considered these republicans pious and virtuous. What a difference an election makes. During the election, I wrote article after article about how dead the republican party was, and how Trump was the last nail in that decrepit coffin. But then he won. I was proven wrong. Or was I? Perhaps…

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Pat Boone Has Lived His Life Voting Republican, Stealing Black Songs and Wearing a Crew Cut

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A few weeks ago, at the 25th Annual Movieguide Awards, music legend Pat Boone was asked by a reporter if he was concerned about the state of Hollywood today. Look ‘Pat Boone’ up in a dictionary and you’ll see the words ‘family values’. “Hollywood should be presenting the very best picture of America and who the average people want to be.” “We used to win awards with movies that show people in the best possible light,” the singer…

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Trump Wants to End Liberal Arts Education

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As you read this article, Trump’s administration is actively trying to make it more difficult for liberal art students to get a loan. Trump’s administration thinks that they know better than people who study philosophy or anthropology or psychology or arts. ‘Don’t waste your time,’ Donald Trump says. After all, liberal art graduates have the sixth highest unemployment rate of college graduates.According to this republican-know-it-all wisdom, women also are stupid and can’t decide for themselves…

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Republican Number one Role Model, Milo Yiannopoulos, Turns Out to be a Pedophile

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Milo Yiannopoulos is the republican’s latest social weapon. He is a British writer based in the US. He is young, outspoken and flamboyantly gay. Republicans like to prance him around and show to the world that every republican is not Mitch McConnell. Don’t be fooled by his appearance though. Besides his age, there really isn’t much difference between him and the rest of that pack of republican wolves. Another striking similarity between him and other…

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Trump Begins Killing Beloved Programs Like PBS in Order to Save Friends and Family Members Cash

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One of Trump’s many campaign promises was to kill Big Bird. Now that Representative Mick Mulvaney has been nominated and accepted as budget director, the Trump administration has about nine programs they are going to eliminate such as, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Legal Services Corporation, AmeriCorps and the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities. These are all beloved programs. Also, these programs only cost our government a tiny fraction compared to what…

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The Tangled Web of Republican Hypocrisy

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Few things in the world, this side of Booby Trap, excite me as much as Republican hypocrisy. How better to prove my point, than to reveal the person that I am arguing with, lives their life contrary to their principles. In the same vein, most Republican hypocrisy stems from their perceived righteousness. The politician stumbles into that old church, somewhere in the middle of the country, the pews filled with their loyal subjects. The politician’s sweaty…

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This is Why Republicans Should be Very Very Scared

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In 2012, the republican nominee did best in Utah. Utah is considered a safe haven for republicans. This has nothing to do with Donny and Marie. Rather, the predominant cluster of Mormons living in Utah, ensure that the state always swings to the right. The Pew Research Center labeled the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the most pro-Republican group. 70% of LDS members prefer republican with 11% opting for the democrat. The…

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Top Selling Magazine in the Country Just a Voice for the Conservative

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In 2001, I scored a sweet internship with the “National Enquirer”. At first, I was given the usual mundane intern chores, like getting people coffee and photocopying things. A week into it, I started writing columns and articles. It was really my dream job. I kept pestering the editors to allow me to interview Jenna Jameson or Gary Coleman, but they declined. Tips to the “National Enquirer” filter through the secretary. If you spotted Burt…

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