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Ivanka’s Sweat Shops in Indonesia are Jumping, Trump’s Resorts are Filled With Immigrants, America Announced 15,000 Additional Visas, Oh Yeah it is Trump’s Made in America Week

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Although he wears a ‘Made in Russia’ tattoo on his ass, Trump has decided to label this week ‘Made in America’. Its about time. He gained the presidency by promising to bring back jobs to our country. That message sure worked like a charm. Even coal miners believed him, when Trump promised to get those abandoned coal mines busy again. Of course, this would imply our entire manufacturing industry would return to coal, which is…

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The Trump Supporter Wouldn’t Listen When we Warned them, as a Result, Trump is Making them Look Like Such Fools

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Democrats warned America about Trump, but the Trump supporter stuck their fingers in their ears. Easy to forget, but do you remember, Democrats warned America about everything that is transpiring with Trump? But they didn’t listen to us, as a result, we are all screwed First, we warned them that his conflict of interests would jeopardize the safety of our country. In response, those Trumpkins said, “Trump is so wealthy, he doesn’t need to be corrupt.”…

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What Will it Take for a Trumpkin to Admit that they Were Wrong?

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Admitting that one was wrong about a decision is difficult to do. Such a conviction requires some intelligence. Will the loyal Trumpkin admit that they were wrong, even as their lives begin to worsen as a result of Trump? Admitting one was wrong implies that person will sustain the heat and carry the burden of making a mistake. Also, confessing our faults requires the forgiveness of others. Not everyone could be so humble. Imagine a…

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With a Case Backlog and Not Enough Judges, it Will Take a Year For First Deportation Case to See a Courtroom

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Trump’s vow of deportation, put him in the White House. At every rally during the campaign, Trump promised his supporters, when elected, he would drag every illegal immigrant to the other side of the border. However, the present state of our judicial system would require at least a year before the first immigration case goes before a judge. Due to time and space restrictions, I can not list every campaign promise that Trump broke. Most…

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Trump Deports Dozens of Iraqi Christians to their Executions, Goodbye Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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“Life, & liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When those words were written, the French Revolution had just shattered the concepts of civilization. Ever since the dawn of history, power was determined by your blood. The only path to the throne was predetermined. If you were not born into royalty, you would never be a ruler. Imagine a world with such severe restrictions! The French Revolution ended this primitive way of life. In the smoking…

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Our President Lied to us About the $110 Billion Saudi Arabia Arms Deal

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That $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, turned out to be one fat lie. Bruce Reidel, a member of the Brookings Institution, has written an article describing President Donald Trump’s recent claim to have sold $110 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia as “fake news.” “I’ve spoken to contacts in the defense business and on the Hill, and all of them say the same thing: There is no $110 billion deal,” Reidel writes. “Instead, there are…

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Is Donald Trump Hoping for a Terrorist Attack to hit America?

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A terrorist attack on US soil is probably the only thing in the universe that could turn our straggling and dejected president into a rock star. Remember what 9-11 did for Junior? Overnight, he had the highest approval ratings in Gallup history. Why else has Trump been so persistent on his Stalin-esque travel ban? Even the most loyal Trumpkin will admit, he hasn’t done anything right yet in his presidency. They would certainly contend his nomination of…

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Trump’s Immigration Reform not as Effective as Obama’s

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Immigration reform was Donald Trump’s number one campaign promise. During his campaign, Trump toured the country, promising those that had lost their jobs to cheap illegal labor, that he would kick out all illegals. He was the first president to make such grand promises. Turns out those promises were shallow lies. One hundred days into his presidency, Trump has failed to deliver on any of his campaign promises. EXCEPT, he is delivering on his immigration reform.…

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You Wouldn’t Separate a Duck, or a Dog, or a Cat from their Children, But Trump is Doing that to Illegal Immigrants

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Kicking out illegal immigrants, is the single campaign promise Donald Trump is keeping. Donald Trump became president by feeding his uneducated supporters a litany of grand promises. Most of these promises, he knew he couldn’t fulfill. Arrest Hillary, defeat ISIS, call China a currency manipulator, suspend immigration from terror prone countries, discourage companies from hiring cheap foreign labor, and so many more lies, were just uttered to excite his base. The one promise Trump could…

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Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-in-law, Offers Immigration Status to Wealth Chinese that Invest in his Company

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Yesterday, Jared Kushner held a low-key presentation in the back of a Ritz Carlton ballroom. In the audience, were some of Chinese wealthiest. Shockingly, right before Jared Kushner began speaking, the press was forced out of the room. Despite the press being removed, the topic of the presentation was known. Jared Kushner was offering Chinese citizens the chance to become US citizens, as long as they invested a lot of money into his company. However,…

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