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Dr Seuss Remixes – Republicans HealthCare Votes. No Buck!

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Republican Healthcare Votes No Buck

Nothing is more devastating to Trump than not being accepted. When the GOP voted his healthcare demands down, Trump was deeply affected. In his campaign, Trump promised that he would provide health insurance to every single person in America. With his proposed plan it does the complete opposite, hurting the very group that needs it the most. In this doodle parody of a Dr. Seuss political cartoon, the word “bucks” convey an assortment of meanings.…

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Some Day Soon, it may be a Crime to Label Something ‘Fake News’ – Then How Would a Republican Respond to a Damaging Story?

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Every time a republican reads a headline that they don’t like, they can dismiss it by stamping it with a ‘FAKE NEWS’ classification. Isn’t that really convenient? The intellectual capacity has remained stagnant since the middle school playground, when they would shout, ‘I know you are but what am I?’ It is embarrassing to think that so many of my fellow citizens actually shun an article whenever they find out that those two terrifying words…

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