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Obama Refused to say ‘Islamic terrorists’, and now Apparently, Neither will Trump’s Security Advisers

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During Obama’s entire two terms, republicans got a kick out of trying to force Obama to say ‘Islamic terrorists’. Even Donald Trump, to display his brash defiance, would scream it loud at rallies and on mountaintops. According to The Donald, Obama was too weak to say those two words, but I’ll do it. As it turns out, most people will not say those two words. Trump’s new national security adviser Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, is one…

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Wilbur Ross, Nominee for Commerce Secretary is the Worst of all Trump’s Nominees

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To call Wilbur Ross the worst of Trump’s nominations, is really a bold statement. So far, Trump’s cabinet picks are worth $13 billion. Having a lot of money alone does not corruption breed, but just a peek into their fortunes reveals a tangled web of conflicts. Wilbur Ross, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Commerce, has the most apparent paths of profiting exorbitantly from his new clutch position. Wilbur Ross has made his money…

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