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Does Ivanka Trump Liberate Women or Imprison them?

Ivanka Trump’s new book, “Women Who Work”, attempts to be an empowering vehicle for female liberation. While she wrote it, she must have envisioned the book as being some sort of woman emancipation bible. The pages of the book are pink, a rather elementary reminder that the book is intended for women. The book is stuffed with all these inspirational quotes from women. Although, there are no quotes from Hillary Clinton, arguably one of the… Keep Reading


An Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Lies of the Campaign – The Great Wall of Trump

During his campaign, no other lie inspired such unadulterated devotion than the Great Wall of Trump. This lie alone, conceived more baby Trumpkins than anything else. In fact, Trump’s entire campaign rested on the promise of keeping out the same illegal immigrants who had stolen his supporter’s jobs. Most at his rallies, were at some sort of disadvantage as a result of the cheap illegal immigration. Finally, a presidential nominee was promising to kick every… Keep Reading


Trump’s Nominees Prove that Trump Never Intended to Ban Muslims or Kick out Hispanics

Trump’s nominees headed to Capital Hill this week. Thus, began their confirmation hearings. The nominees that he chose all voiced their disagreement with some of Trump’s major campaign promises. Jeff Sessions opposed waterboarding as an extreme interrogation technique, banning Muslims from coming into the U.S. and any sort of Muslim registry. Tillerson believes the same intelligence reports that Trump spits on, that Russia’s cyber attacks influenced our elections. He also opposes a Muslim ban. Tillerson is… Keep Reading


Tea Party Candidate for Head of Oregon GOP Once Used Food Stamps

What do Republicans loathe more than anything? What do they despise even more than a Democrat? Welfare recipients. However, Mark Callahan, Tea Party leader and who is currently running to be chairman of the Oregon GOP, was a welfare recipient himself. A picture of those welfare hush puppies sits in the bulls-eye of every dartboard in a Republican politician’s office. According to them, people who need money from the government to put food in the… Keep Reading


If Mexico Wont Pay For the Wall, How About Making Our Inmates Build it

A breath of fresh air has stirred new life into Trump’s wall. All of his other grotesque campaign suggestions have been dashed against the rocks, and our president elect has not even stepped foot into the White House. Hillary will not be indicted. Waterboarding may be bad after all. Obamacare may not be so easy to dismantle. Muslims and Hispanics will not be banned. The wall will really be a fence. Imagine if Trump didn’t… Keep Reading

Hillary’s Team Tried to Influence the Media Several Times During Election

Does our political discourse shape the media or is it vice versa? 2008 election is known as the Facebook election, for some very good reasons. This election was the first in which all candidates—presidential and congressional—attempted to connect directly with American voters via online social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. It has even been called the “Facebook election.” It is no coincidence that one of Obama’s key strategists was 24-year-old Chris Hughes, a Facebook… Keep Reading


How did Trump get Carrier to Stay in America?

Not even a week ago I wrote this in an article. I cite experts doubting that Trump could get Carrier to stay in America and not move to Mexico : What a victory it would be for Trump, if he could convince them to stay in America! Many union experts though, think this is very unlikely. Bernie is trying to force Trump to do just that. Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, said “I… Keep Reading

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UPDATE: British Politician Becomes Public Enemy #1 After Endorsing Trump

Nigel Farage denies that he is moving to America. British Nigel Farage says, “The thought of doing a Friday night pub crawl around Westminster – I just can’t do it any more.” After backing Donald Trump for president,  United Kingdom Independence Party leader has endured a particularly hostile reaction. The father of four is unable to go out in public without being attacked. His family was chased out of a pub and their car was… Keep Reading

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We Earned All of our Liberties Through Protest

There is a fire smoldering in the souls of our neighbors. Without protest, our society is immobile. For the first time in my life, society has become so offended that they have taken to the streets. Armed with protest signs and vigilance, demonstrations are erupting across the country. All over the country, people are protesting Donald Trump. While Trump sips cognac in his penthouse, right below him on 5th Avenue, mobs of protesters brave the… Keep Reading


Ivanka Wants to Lead us, But Also Sell us a Killer Bracelet at the Same Time

America didn’t care that Donald refused to show his taxes, nor did they care that he is on trial for stealing money from college bound children, nor did they care that many women accused him of sexual molestation. If none of that bothered Americans, whose gonna care that the Trump Clan runs both the country and it’s multi billion dollar global industry at the same time? That is the definition of a conflict of interest.… Keep Reading

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